12 Things Women Wear That Men Hate

By Krystal Brown

We’re well aware that trends have their cycles, yet the topic of wearing items that don’t resonate with men remains a perpetual element of society. Whether it’s an accessory or a type of footwear, men consistently express their opinions about our sartorial choices.


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We love a woman in a tux, but men just don’t vibe with it. They prefer seeing women in skirts and dresses, but we think the masculine cut is something that could become more popular as the years go on. 

Fake Eyelashes

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Even though these are used more by women now than ever before, men just don’t like fake eyelashes, but prefer natural ones. If you have fake eyelashes that are obvious, then men consider them to be flashy, trashy and not classy. 


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Men don’t understand why women wear headbands, and they actually believe that it’s women living in a toddler fantasy world. There is no appeal for them apparently. 

Neon Clothes and Accessories

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There was a time in the 80’s and 90’s when neon items were considered ‘cool’ and if you wore them, you would definitely be ready for a rave. However, men think this trend is too flashy and it makes women look like ‘giant highlighters’. Maybe it’s time to put the neon items in the trash. 

Animal Print 

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Originally known to be seductive, animal print is believed to look cheap to men. They don’t mind it in moderation, of course, but when it’s excessively worn and in many different forms, it’s too much for the guys to handle. 

Oversized Sunglasses 

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When you go out and purchase sunglasses, you want them to suit you. However, there are some women that buy oversized sunglasses and quite frankly, they just don’t go. Men much prefer women to wear sunglasses that don’t fill their whole face. 

Hair Extensions 

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Hair extensions have a tendency to get stuck, create a mess and fall out, and this is something men just don’t rate. Although, most men don’t realise hair extensions until these things start happening, and if they do occur, men are likely to ask you on a second date. 

Really High-Waisted Jeans and Pants 

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Men don’t like jeans or pants that are super high waisted because they don’t believe that they’re feminine enough, and that they don’t fit most body types. Guys prefer women to look mature and feminine, and unfortunately, high waisted trousers don’t make the cut. 

Excessive Makeup 

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A natural coating of make-up is accepted by most men, however, when this turns into a cakey look, men are completely turned against it. You could create a natural look with make-up like bronzer, concealer, blush and mascara, but when you’re adding in glittery eye shadows, harsh foundations and bright lipsticks, this will make men turn their heads away. 

Too Much Perfume

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Okay, so we know that sometimes perfumes can leave us nose blind, and we feel as if we can’t smell it on ourselves, so we add a couple more sprays. However, whilst you’re doing this, you’re causing men to choke. Applying too much perfume can cause migraines and allergic reactions. 

Ugg and Moon Boots 

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This is one of the most hated things for women to wear. We wear them because they’re comfortable, but men see them as bulky and seen as a bit childish. 

Painted Eyebrows 

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Women sometimes tend to go a bit overboard with their eyebrows, and men are fully aware of this. If a woman gets her eyebrows done, then a man thinks this is a woman being insecure and fake, which to them, is a turn off. We are aware though that sometimes, this is the case. 

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