Generation Gap: 10 BOOMER Identifiers That Leave GEN Z Completely Unfazed

By Krystal Brown

The Boomer generation is responsible for a lot of amazing things that Gen Z has no idea about and we take a look at the top 10 here. 


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Fans of Stranger Things may be familiar with a Walkman after Max had to have one attached to her at all times to ward off the evil of Vecna but not many other Gen Z members understand the power of the iconic portable cassette player that was on everyone’s Santa list in the 80s. Nostalgic Boomers have rejoiced in the Walkman revival and are reaching for their favorite cassette tapes as we speak, probably something from Madonna or Michael Jackson. 


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Gen Z can just about get their heads around landline phones, never mind the concept of having to use dial-up-internet. There was no chance of cheating on quiz questions in the old days of the Internet when you had to wait 20 minutes to get a connection! These days, Gen Z would have a meltdown when they are offline for just two minutes. 

Fax Machines

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Speaking of ancient forms of communication, Gen Z would stare wide-eyed at a fax machine which was the Boomer equivalent of sending emails. It is hard to believe that people still use these machines but you will still find them in offices throughout the US for those Boomer businesses that still hold on to the past. 

Floppy Disk

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If Gen Z doesn’t know what a fax machine or dial-up-internet is they are not going to know what a floppy disk is, and, no guys, it is not a euphemism. With the emergence of CDs, USBs, and Cloud services, there is no reason for Boomers to still be using floppy disks and we doubt you can even buy them these days. 

Phone Directories

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In years gone by, Boomers would need to trawl telephone directories to find out their friend’s numbers for a tradesperson to come to their house. For Gen Z it is just a matter of clicking. A few buttons to search for such information online. If you could not find the number you needed in the phone directory you could call up a number to get them to search for a listed number, imagine!

Nokia Phones

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We know that there was a Nokia revival recently but we are talking huge brick-like mobile phones that Boomers were proud as punch to own back in the day. While some later models could take a photo, the cameras on phones did not develop until much later, which is one major perk of the smartphone. Nevertheless, despite the clumsiness of older phones, Boomers are embracing Smart technology but I bet they wish they could have Snake back. 


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Ancient mobile phones did have one perk, the game of Snake. Anyone who had a Nokia 3310 could be found frantically touching and playing with their phones quicker than any Gen Z can say Candy Crush (OK, we know Boomers love Candy Crush and most Gen Z kids wouldn’t be seen playing it). 


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Before Netflix got their hold on the world of entertainment there was such a thing as VHS tapes and a trip to your local Blockbuster was the highlight of the weekend. The huge VHS players would take up so much space on the TV stand and Boomers would pray that their cassette did not get caught up in the machine after a few views of the movie. Even the DVDs that took over VHS cassettes are not recognizable to much of Gen Z but we hear that they are making a comeback. 

Twice a Day Mail

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Until the rise of UPS and other delivery companies, the mailman came twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The twice-a-day visits met the demand of the large amount of mail that arrived at houses before bills were electronic and people started writing emails to one other rather than letters. Some people only get a mailman once a week as they try to reduce paper communication altogether. 

Smoking in Public Spaces

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Boomers who still smoke will be confident in their own homes or outdoor spaces but believe it or not Gen Z, at one time you could smoke in public buildings such as libraries, restaurants, and even hospitals. You could also speak on an airplane, which is why you will still see the ‘no smoking’ signs that confuse Gen Z. It is difficult to believe that people’s help was not taken seriously and the new healthy lifestyle is being embraced by Boomers, so not smoking in public places is embraced by all. 

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