Groovy Reminiscences: 11 Things Exclusively Grasped by 70s Kids

By Krystal Brown

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the colorful and quirky world of the 1970s through a delightful exploration of 11 nostalgic relics. From waterbeds and Atari consoles to CB radios and bowl haircuts, this article takes you on a journey down memory lane, celebrating the unique experiences that shaped a generation’s upbringing and left an indelible mark on pop culture.

1. Waterbeds

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Waterbeds, popular in the 1970s, were a novelty, a symbol of modern comfort, and a status symbol. Although they were risky and punctured, the thrill of sleeping on a waterbed was a unique blend of fascination and novelty. For those who never experienced one, the experience is difficult to put into words.

2. Atari Game Console

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One of the earliest home game systems to gain significant popularity was the Atari video game device. With its easy-to-play yet addictive games like Pong and Space Invaders, it was instant popularity with both youngsters and adults when it was first launched in 1977. The gaming industry of today got its start thanks to the console.

3. Rotary Phones Mounted On Walls

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Making a telephone call was once a special occasion, far different from today’s lightweight, digital simplicity. The call experience included the physical feeling of turning the dial, the worry of praying you don’t mistype the number because you can’t just push “delete,” and the anticipation of patiently awaiting for the dial to circle back around.

Since the entire family used the same phone line, listening in on conversations became practically a pastime. 

4. Pet Rocks

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A perfect example of the wonderful quirks of the 1970s is Pet Rocks. They were smooth stones that were sold as pets and came with a cardboard pet carrier and an in-depth care guide.

People who grew up in the 1970s can appreciate the special appeal of owning a pet that doesn’t require feeding, strolling, or grooming, even though it may seem puzzling to younger people. After all, even if it was just a rock, who would turn down the allure of a low-maintenance friend who offered silent, loyal companionship?

5. Disco Roller Parties

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In the 1970s, roller rinks could be found everywhere, and roller dancing was all the rage. People gathered to enjoy the songs of legendary artists like The Bee Gees and ABBA while flaunting their skating skills. People of all ages might have a great time during roller disco parties.

6. Long Gas Queues

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Multiple oil crises that occurred throughout the 1970s caused long lines at petrol stations as consumers patiently waited for gasoline. It was not uncommon to see queues of cars extending for hours to get a full tank. Even if everything finally got back to normal, individuals who experienced it will always remember it and find it difficult to forget.

7. Soft Shag Rugs

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Oh, that shag rug! It seemed like you were stepping into an ocean of warm, fluffy grass when you walked on a shag carpet because of its long, deep texture and vibrant colours, which spanned from bright orange to avocado green. A dramatic expression of the owner’s acceptance of the freewheeling mood and adventurous aesthetic of the day, it was more than simply a carpet!

People who grew up in the 1970s would fondly recall the snug comfort and distinctive appearance that the shag rug offered to their childhood homes, even though it may be considered an ugly relic by modern standards.

8. Macramé Arts

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There appeared to be some form of this knotted artwork in every 1970s home, either hung on the wall or supporting a potted plant. Macramé was the pinnacle of 1970s style, appearing in everything from complex wall hangings to stylish belts to even homemade plant hangers. It was a tangible and artistic representation of the time that, for most of us, retains a nostalgic appeal. The texture, the workmanship, and the bohemian spirit all added to its uniqueness!

9. Super 8 Films

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The Super 8 was an 8mm video cartridge that was used in tiny, portable cameras. Super 8 devices made it simple for people to shoot their movies or document special family moments. The Super 8 video format was easy to use, and because of its small size, it was ideal for amateur filmmakers to record personal projects like home movies.

10. Citizen’s Band Radios

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In the 1970s, Citizen’s Band (CB) radios were commonplace and served as the era’s equivalent of social media. Truckers, local radio operators, and households on road vacations were all chatting in an encoded set of call signs and codes that filled the airwaves with confusion.

Citizen’s Band radios, a throwback to a simpler period when social networking was real-time and real life, offered a sense of belonging and connection that was both tactile and exhilarating thanks to their unique style and camaraderie.

11. Bowl Hairstyles

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The bowl haircut, or lack of it, is the apex of 1970s fashion. Who remembers sitting in the dining room chair as our parents used a bowl as a trimming line on our heads? This was the pinnacle of low-cost hair care. Function, not fashion, was the focus. The outcome was a flawlessly symmetrical, helmet-like hairstyle that was simple to maintain, affordable, and indicated membership in the hipster club of the 1970s.

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