10 Things More Men Need To Start Saying ”No” To

By Saad Muzaffar

Hey there, gentlemen! Society often encourages men to constantly push their limits, yet there are moments when summoning the strength to say “no” can be even more heroic. So, fasten your seat belts and prepare for an engaging conversation. We’re about to delve into the thoughts of an online community, exploring the 10 aspects they believe men should bravely start refusing!

1. Inappropriately Timed Work Calls

Man working at home on call
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Hey, workaholics! Family time matters just as much as work. The last thing you want is to have your loved ones who only remember you as the one being constantly busy. Remember, work can wait; family can’t. Don’t let the work pressure seep into your downtime. 

2. Disrespectful Relationships

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One comment that men need to stop being in relationships where they are not comfortable, only because ‘it’s not that bad’ or ‘it’s better than being alone.’ You don’t need a partner; you need to get in touch with yourself! Find a hobby, do things that bring you joy, and be okay with being alone until you find someone who values you.

3. Falling For Faces

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A user shares men need to set a higher standard for themselves. Staying with a partner only because they’re good-looking but have no intellectual, spiritual, or emotional connection won’t work out in the long run. Time to say no to shallow connections and revisit what you genuinely wish to have in a fulfilling relationship.

4. Fight, Not Flight

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It’s time to redefine masculinity. Real strength lies in conflict resolution, empathy, and understanding. Let’s say no to physical aggression and choose peaceful alternatives. Remember, it takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight than to engage in one!

5. Unaccountability

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An individual mentions men need to say no to other men. It’s time to hold your toxic friend accountable for their unacceptable behavior. Real men support and lift one another, creating a brotherhood built on kindness and respect.

6. Risky Business

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Work should never compromise your well-being. Your life matters, and you deserve to work at a place that values your health and security. Far too many men put themselves in vulnerable situations in pursuit of quick cash.

7. Being Told to Man Up

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Unless men belong to a completely different species, they are humans. And surprise, surprise, humans have emotions! It’s important to acknowledge and address them. Encourage open dialogue, vulnerability, and empathy, and stand up to those who push opposing narratives on you.

8. Body Shaming

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All bodies are unique and deserve respect. Gentlemen, it’s time to embrace a new mindset and say a resounding ‘no’ to making fun of appearances. Ditch the judgment that weighs down other people as you celebrate diversity!

9. Risking Your Spine

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Did you know there are more men than women with spinal injuries? Go easy on the weights while working out. You don’t need to injure your spine for a few adrenaline moments. Say no to unnecessary strain and potential injury.

10. Misogyny

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High time to break free from outdated stereotypes and recognize the equal worth of women in every aspect of life. We must challenge the ingrained beliefs that perpetuate discrimination. Build a future of equality! 

Source: Reddit

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