Things Men Wished They Knew Before Having Kids

By Krystal Brown

Parenthood is a transformative journey that brings joy, challenges, and personal growth. While experiences can vary widely, here are ten things that some men might wish they knew before becoming fathers

Sleep Becomes Luxury

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The birth of a baby ushers in a new era of sleepless nights with late-night cries and other shenanigans. Babies are unique beings. Their expression might starkly contrast with what adults are used to, such as the need to be fed in the wee hours, frequent comforting, and occasional diaper changes. All these can not be shouldered alone by the mother, so trying to help by shedding the load off your partner might lead to sleep deprivation that will take its toll on your mental health and well-being. It is crucial to find a family member that can help in this regard, pending the time the baby comes of age and their sleeping schedule becomes predictable. 

2. Patience is Key 

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Kids are tricky and can sometimes be nauseating to the extent of testing your patience. They exude myriads of unsuitable behaviors like tantrums which indicate their penchant for an occasional bad attitude. As a man, you need to have a calming demeanor and learn to stay composed in this provocative situation. Just take a deep breath and always try to respond instead of reacting. Have it in mind that children can not be excused from indiscipline, tyranny, revolt, and other vices. The key variable to steady the tides is patience, which can be utilized to nurture their growth. 

Time Management 

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Striking a balance between work, family, and personal time can be rocket science that might not be achievable again upon having kids. You are required to change your routine and adjust your life to fit into the new tapestry of family life. Quality time management involves delegating tasks when possible and finding a medium to optimize your daily schedule. Having kids might require a slight distortion in all this because you have to sacrifice some time to fit into the life of your kids. 

Changing Dynamics of Life 

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Parenthood changes the orientation and dynamics of your life and relationships with your partner. There is a massive shift in your focus from your partner to every one of your kids; even if care is not taken, it might lead to some form of enmity between you and your partner. It is best to have a clear communication line with your partner to ensure your relationship stands the test of time amidst the demand of parenthood. With kids, you have to become their fountain of knowledge, where they share their feelings and learn the art of living. 

Effective Financial Plan

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As a father, you are your kid’skid’s money bag, which comes with various expenses, from diapers and clothing to their education and other activities. This reality requires a brilliant and compelling budget that creates an avenue for expenses and unexpected costs. You can start by saving for your kid’skid’s education early through a college fund. This secures your kid’s future and shields you against financial uncertainties. 

Frequent Emotional Rollercoaster 

Having kids is a mountain of emotions. You will face a period of frustration and exhaustion simultaneously; find some peace and joy later. Just be steadfast, harbor the will to stay strong, and understand that this is a temporal struggle and part of the parenthood process. Seek help from your family and close ally, or visit a Counsellor that can provide support and means to express your feelings. 

Flexibility and Adaptability

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Children’s needs change rapidly and unexpectedly. Being prepared for this uncertainty is essential. This might lead to cancelled plans, modifying work schedules as well as finding brilliant and creative solutions to face myriads of unexpected situations. You are better off developing a flexible and adaptable mindset that can help you navigate the hurdle of parenting more effectively. 

Becoming a Role Model 

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You are the first point of reference for your kids; they learn by observing their parents’ behaviors in close proximity. As a parent, your words, attitude, and actions significantly impact their development. Modelling respectful behaviors, having a positive outlook, and being empathetic can shape them into positive and vital individuals. 

Self-Care Matter 

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Remember that your self-care is of great benefit to your family and yourself. Neglecting your personal well-being mostly leads to rapid burnout and reduced ability to care for your children effortlessly. Similarly, ensure you craft self-care plans that recharge your energy through exercises, spending time with your friend and favorite hobbies. Enjoy the Journey 

Enjoy the Journey

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It is important to note that time flies, and kids grow up faster than you might think. It is easy to get lost in this sizzling journey of daily routines and incessant tasks; you might overlook the perks you are missing. This is why enjoying every moment and creating beautiful and invaluable memories with your family and friends is essential. Try to capture every moment with photos and document each stage of your child’s development. 

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