“I Love Your Stomach” 14 Things Men Love That Women That Women Are Embarrassed About

By Krystal Brown

There is a lot of pressure on women to look and act a certain way, but men want them to know that they love these 16 things about them.


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The stomach is often seen as a symbol of femininity and fertility. While some men have a flat, toned stomach, many prefer a naturally soft stomach and understand that women come in all shapes and sizes. While some women are not worried about their stomachs, others may feel better knowing men appreciate them.

Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks can be seen as a sign of strength and resilience. Stretch marks can remind of the changes a woman’s body has gone through, such as childbirth or weight loss. For some men, stretch marks can represent a woman’s strength and resilience.


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Some women do not like their thighs because they believe them to be too big or too chunky. Men like women’s thighs no matter what the size! Thighs are a beautiful part of the female body and come in all shapes and sizes. For many men, thighs are a symbol of femininity and fertility.


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Society often places a high value on thinness and a small bum. This can make women feel pressured to conform to these standards and hate their larger bums. However, some research suggests that men may be attracted to large bums because they signify fertility and good health.


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Like a larger bum and thicker thighs, many women have wide hips. Some women may dislike their wide hips, especially if they feel they are not in proportion with the rest of their bodies. However, men find women’s hips aesthetically pleasing and are attracted to hips of all shapes and sizes. 



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Many women don’t like their feet, whether they feel their toes are too stumpy or too wide. Many men are physically attracted to feet, especially when they are manicured and well-looked after. 


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Many women dislike their lips as they may not be as full or as luscious as others. However, men love lips no matter how narrow or small, as they simply want to take pleasure from kissing a woman. 


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Some women feel that their hands are not very elegant compared to other women, but men seem to like them no matter what. Opening your hands to a man invites them to come close, and they can admire your well-manicured fingers and nails. 


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Some men are very attracted to backs and may enjoy stroking and caressing a woman’s back, even if she dislikes it. If you are prone to bad skin or acne on your back, you may be self-conscious, but you need not worry, as men will love your back anyway. 

Being Makeup Free

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A recent study found that 61% of men prefer women to wear little to no makeup. Many men find natural beauty to be more attractive. They like to see a woman’s natural features and expressions. They also love to be in the company of a woman who is confident not to wear heavy makeup.

Love Handles

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Some people are simply more prone to storing fat around the sides of the waist and above the hips, but this is not necessarily an issue. Women should only be concerned about love handles if it affects their health, and when it comes to men liking them, it is a definite yes from most. 


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Women with cellulite are often underrepresented in media and advertising. This can make women with cellulite feel invisible and self-conscious about their bodies. Conversely, men couldn’t care less about how much cellulite a woman has as they love her for who she is. Yes, there will be some materialistic men, but they are few and far between.

Fine Lines

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Many women feel self-conscious about the fine lines and wrinkles on their face and neck. This is a natural part of the aging process, which many men acknowledge. Men like women who are confident and natural, so do not worry about the lines caused by a life well-lived. 

Extra Weight

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We all put on an extra few pounds occasionally; for women, this could be a time when they feel self-conscious. They need not worry, however, as many men enjoy a woman with curves. 

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