UNDERRATED Charms: 10 Aspects Men Dislike About Themselves That WOMEN Secretly Adore

By Krystal Brown

We all have our self-criticisms, but often, they’re just in our minds. Let’s explore 10 aspects that men might dislike about themselves, which women actually appreciate.

They Cry at Movies

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A woman loves a man who is in touch with his emotions so if you are a man worried about crying at the latest Pixar tearjerker, don’t dry your eyes too quickly. Toxic masculinity is something that the world is trying to move away from so when a woman sees a man happy to show how he is truly feeling it is very refreshing. 

Not Being Tall

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We are not quite sure why men feel the need to be tall but they do. Men who worry about being too short and or not being as tall as the women in their lives can experience stress that does not to be there. There is a lot to be said for being the same height, not least the ability to stare into one and others’ eyes and experience deep communication at all times. Most women don’t care how tall their partner is, they just want him to be a good man. 

Wearing Glasses

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When a man needs to start wearing glasses he can take a dip in confidence, feeling insecure about his new look. Needing glasses is not a sign of failure, it is just one sign of getting older and needing a little support. Despite what men think about wearing glasses, many women enjoy the intelligent look and it can be quite the turn-on. Just think about how much chemistry Lois Lane and Clark Kent had, despite the underpants. 

Grey Hair

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Another big sign of getting old is getting grey hair. Before reaching for the box hair dye, check out the number of women who love it when men go grey and feel confident about it. If George Clooney can woo lots of women with his silver locks then you can too. Women know all about going grey and if you find the perfect woman for you then you can grow grey together. 

Lack of Muscles

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Muscles are not all that so don’t waste too much time building up at the gym if it is not for you. Some men do enjoy working out and that is fine but if you are working out just to please women then don’t. The skinny look is appealing for some women and any sign of muscle is a turn-off so it just goes to show that there is someday out there for everyone. After all, how many muscle-laden rockstars do you see fronting rock bands? 

Bad Taste in Clothes

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Ok, so women don’t like men who have bad taste in clothes but they certainly enjoy giving men a makeover. For men worried about how they look, let your new beau help you find your style and help you build your wardrobe so that you can grow in confidence. Who knows, maybe a regular shopping trip is something you will end up enjoying. 

Embracing your Feminine Side

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Men who like to embrace their feminine side tend to hide this aspect of their personality away from women but like to see men display their feminine ways. If you love pampering yourself, buying yourself new clothes regularly, and smelling nice then do continue as you will soon have a line of women at your door. 

Stretch Marks

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Men, like women, are prone to developing stretch marks, especially as they go through puberty or gain weight quickly. This means that you are not alone in having marks on your body and the fact that many women can empathize with men is comforting. Hiding your body away from women for the sake of a few marks on your body will eat away at your confidence which will mean never feeling happy in a relationship.

A Beer Belly

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Men like their beer but not the belly that inevitably follows but tries not to get too hung up on their new figure as some women embrace a small beer belly. Many women like the cuddly form so that they can easily snuggle in and get cozy rather than have to deal with rock-hard muscles. 

Body Hair

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Men start to develop more body hair as they grow older, particularly in unwanted places such as their back and ears. While a quick clip of ear and nose hair is definitely welcome, the rest of the body hair that men develop can stay. Hair growth is just another part of growing old and it does not have to be painful. Women love confidence in men and being confident with how they look is important, hair included. 

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