14 Wedding Shenanigans: The Hush-Hush Antics We All Secretly Indulge In – Are You Guilty?

By Krystal Brown

While everyone loves a good wedding, we take a look at the sneaky things that people do that they would never admit to.

Judging Guests Outfits

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It is not the done thing to eye up everyone’s outfits as they arrive at the wedding but the reality is we all do it. People put a lot of time and effort into their fashion choices for a wedding so it is only natural that they are judged!

Competing to Be the Best Dressed

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If you are judging other people’s outfits at weddings then you will have judged your own before you left the house. Competing to be the best dressed at a wedding is something that a lot of people do but not many will own up to.

Becoming a Food Critic

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Food is one of the main things that people look forward to at weddings so from the minute the first canape is served until the evening buffet comes wedding guests are food critics. Tasting every last morsel and pinching a taste of your neighbor’s food are all part and parcel of making the most of wedding food.

Playing Cupid

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With romance bouncing off the walls at weddings, many people decide to play cupid by matchmaking all of the single couples in attendance. You will be surprised to hear how many couples met at a wedding they both attended.

Looking for a Date

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As well as matchmaking other singles at the wedding, if people are not dating themselves then they are on the hunt to find someone. Eyeing up the hottest person in the room is essential for anyone looking to bag a dance at a wedding.

Wishing For The Bouquet Tossing to Be a Disaster

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Some people behave very well at weddings and others want to cause a little destruction for a little fun. This is why many people wish that the tossing of the bouquet does not go to plan. Think aunties falling over one other or your miserable uncle John catching the bouquet while your desperate-to-be-married cousin looks on.

Gossiping About the Decor

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Those who judge what people are wearing also judge the decor of the wedding, from the flowers the bride chose to the table styling. Sometimes it is to be insincere by saying you would have done a better job and other times it is grabbing ideas for a future wedding.

Sneaking A Second Dessert

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Sweet-toothed wedding guests cannot settle for just one dessert so they will spend the wedding meal cosying up to the person next to them in a bid to steal their dessert. Some people sweep abandoned drinks and others go in search of extra cake.

Hiding a Pair of Comfy Shoes

High heels and all-day weddings do not mix so many guests will secretly stash a pair of flats in their handbag for a comfort break when they need one. Nobody is saying flats look good but blisters look even worse.

Peaking at The Gifts

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A huge pile of wedding gifts looks so inviting and some guests cannot help but sneak a peek. Not everyone will look inside gift bags but they may eye the perfectly wrapped gifts and guess what each item is.

Perfecting a Wedding Selfie

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The morning after a wedding is filled with getting rid of a hangover and trawling through your phone to see what embarrassing pictures you took. In a bid to have the perfect selfie people will practice their pout in their outfit of the day so there are fewer regrets the next day.

Sweeping all of the Favors

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We all get excited to see what wedding favors are on the tables and some of us turn into detectives as we work the room to collect as many as we can. If you see someone arrive with a large handbag, the chances are they will favor thieves!

Crying at The Speeches

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If you manage to get through the wedding vows without shedding a tear the chances are the waterworks will start when the speeches begin. If you are a wedding expert you will have a handkerchief at the ready, discreetly placed in your handbag.

Planning Your Exit

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There is nothing worse than being stuck at a wedding talking to your boring cousin who you have not seen in 10 years. If you find conversation is dwindling you are likely to fall back on your plan to escape the wedding. We don’t like to admit that we are not planning to stay until the end of a wedding but sometimes needs must.

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