14 Things We Should Normalize but is Demonized by Society

By Krystal Brown

People are quick to judge people for the things that they do for no good reason but we think that these 14 things should be normalized.

Talking About Mental Health

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Our mental health is just as important as our physical health so it should not be taboo to talk about it to others. While talking about mental health can be uncomfortable, we are only going to make it easier if we continue to create open conversations about how we are feeling. 

Having a Good Work/Life Balance

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Your boss may be pressuring you to work long hours and you may be wooed with the money that you can get from working overtime but a good work/life balance is what we should all be striving for. Instead, taking time out to relax is frowned upon which leads to burnout, stress, and no time to enjoy the money you are earning. 


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Practicing self-care is often seen as being self-indulgent but it is important to take time out to look after yourself, whether that be a walk in the park or booking a massage on your day off. 

Men Being the Primary Caregivers

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Men are increasingly taking time out of work when their partner gives birth but it is generally for a few weeks straight after the birth. Men who stay at home while their partner returns to work are often fired upon but a man enjoying a central role in their kids’ lives is admirable. 

Making Mistakes

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It is OK to make a mistake so you should never feel bad about getting things a little wrong or changing your mind about a decision you made. Mistakes should be celebrated as a tool for improving our lives, regardless of what anyone else says. 

Discussing Your Salary

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It is not the done thing to ask people how much they earn but when we talk about our salary openly we ensure that we are all being paid as we should. When we keep quiet about our worries about being underpaid, how can we put pressure on our bosses to improve our terms and conditions? 

Not Having Children

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Not everyone wants to have children and that is OK. When a woman is constantly asked when she is going to get pregnant or that her biological clock is ticking, it is rude. The world needs to accept that some people want to raise a family and others do not. 

Not Drinking

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Drinking can be fun for a lot of people but so can sobriety. Whether people are recovering from an addiction, don’t like the taste of alcohol, or simply don’t want to drink, their views should not be ridiculed. 

Not Having Social Media Accounts

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With so many people addicted to social media, if you tell people that you don’t use it they look at you like you have two heads. It is perfectly acceptable for those who feel overwhelmed by the content they see on social media to refrain from setting up accounts. 

Ending Toxic Friendships

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When you have outgrown your friendships it is perfectly OK to end them rather than putting up with people who are toxic in your life out of a sense of loyalty. Too often, we spend time with our friends not because we want to but because we think that we have to and that must stop.

Body Positivity

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There is a movement to embrace all body types regardless of shape, size and skin color, etc. Some people disagree with this stance and can be unkind to those who do not conform to societal norms, which is disappointing.

Body Hair on Women

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Just as women do not have to have children they also don’t need to adhere to gender stereotypes so they should be able to say yes to body hair and no to waxing their bodies within an inch of their lives without scorn.

Living off Grid

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Wanting to get away from it all in the great outdoors is frowned upon by many who could not contemplate life without Wifi and all the mod cons that we so heavily rely on. The haters think that people wanting to live off the grid are too eccentric but if they like it then we say go for it. 

Speaking Ill of the Dead

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If you have been told that you should never say a bad word about somebody who has died, don’t take their words as gospel. Let’s be honest, if someone was horrible in real life then you are hardly going to talk them into being a great person just because they have died. 

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