They Hide Their Step Sisters Passport, but When the Father Cancels the Vacation the Mother Threatens to Leave

By Emma Williams

A man posted to an online forum, a husband ends up having to cancel his family’s entire vacation. This is due to the fact that his step-daughters (Monica and Leah) hid his biological daughters (Jessica who is 18) passport.


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He has been married to his wife Beth for five years. Having a biological daughter on his side named Jessica and two step daughters from his wife, Monica and Leah.

Living At Home

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Monica is 25 years old, and Leah is 28. They are both single mothers. Living with their mother and step-father currently. However, the husband goes on to say that there have been some issues with this.


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According to OP (original poster), there has been some issues about his stepdaughters asking Jessica to babysit their children. For Jessica this wasn’t a problem at first. Since OP states she does this to earn income.

No Pay No Way

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When Jessica would babysit both her step-sisters’ children, she expected there to be at least some kind of decent pay. This wasn’t the case. With both step-sisters paying barely anything. Jessica refused to babysit afterwards because of this.

Temporary Fix

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Temporarily, this issue was solved within the family. Thanks to OP’s wife agreeing to take care of babysitting costs. Problems arose and came to a head soon after when OP planned a family vacation, and the two sisters suggested Jessica should stay home.

Babysit The Kids While We Go On Vacation!

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Beth didn’t want her grandchildren to come for the trip. The reason they suggest for Jessica to stay home is supposedly that the kids are used to her. And that hiring someone else would cause issues. Also claiming that Jessica “isn’t fond” of the location they’d be going to. Even though this wasn’t the case.

Pay Double

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Beth offered to pay Jessica double what she usually makes. Continuing to insist she stays home. There was a lot of back and forth before OP put his foot down and demanded they stopped bringing it up.

Missing Passport

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After everybody had bagged their things for the vacation and it was time to go. Jessica discovered her passport went “missing”. Jessica and her father searched her entire bag, and then went home to search there.

Suspicious Insistent

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Beth and her step-daughters told OP that they should go back to the airport. Otherwise they’d miss their flight. Once again stating Jessica should stay with the kids. Going as far as to cancel the new babysitter saying she was no longer needed.

Monica Owns Up

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After refusing to go back until they find Jessica’s passport, Monica finally speaks up. Admitting she had helped Leah purposefully hide Jessica’s passport. Saying it was so Jessica would have to stay home with their kids.

Where Is It?

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Monica claimed Leah had the passport. Leah, obviously embarrassed about their behavior, denied having it when confronted. OP began to threaten he would cancel the entire thing, and only then did Leah hand it over. Little did they know it wasn’t just a threat.

Vacation Is Canceled!

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OP did end up canceling the vacation after this situation. Blowing up at Monica and Leah for their behavior, berating them about the way they treated his daughter.

Manipulating Wife?

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Instead of reprimanding her daughters she decided to instead be angry towards her husband. Refusing to speak to him, saying he punished her daughters for worrying about their kids. Wanting them to stay with someone they knew.


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His wife went on to claim that he had overreacted. Ruining the trip for everyone. In an edit of the post OP mentions he can’t kick his stepdaughters out due to his wife being a co-owner of their home. In the end after seeing where his wife stands in the situation, he is beginning to reconsider some things.

No Happy Ending

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There was no official update to this situation. OP never elaborates on if he will continue with his marriage after the way his wife and step-daughters treated Jessica. Though it is evident that there is a problem, and that Jessica should not be having to deal with having a literal crime committed against her. (It is illegal in the U.S. for someone to withhold another person’s passport). As far as readers know no charges were made.

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