The Internet Thinks You’re Dumb If You Do These 10 Things

By Krystal Brown

Occasionally, everyone makes mistakes, but none quite compare to the level of absurdity exhibited by these ten claims that the internet has deemed the utmost in foolishness.

Troll People Online

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Trolls believe that they are justified in hassling people on social media but most people think that hating on other people behind a pseudonym is very dumb. Whether it be bombarding people on social media or sending hate emails from fake email addresses, this type of behavior is not big and it is not clever. 

Thinking You Are Always Right

Woman saying no
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We can’t be right all of the time but some dumb people think that they are. When people are insistent on being the winner in an argument or a debate they become annoying and just look immature. Sometimes the best way to be the best person in an argument is to admit when you are wrong as it shows an awareness that we are always learning, which includes feeling a little vulnerable at times. 

They Give Up When They Fail

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When we fall down we have to pick ourselves up and try again, at least this is what smart people do. It is difficult to witness people failing at something and not having the inclination to stand back up again and try to do it the second, or third time around. Dumb people give up too easily which means that they miss out on great opportunities and leave people thinking the worst of them. Some of our most important education comes from our mistakes so failing can actually make us. 

They Cannot Accept Feedback

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Part of growing up and learning more about ourselves involves receiving and accepting feedback. Dumb people cannot be able to listen to the opinions of others and make improvements to themselves. Why sometimes people give unwanted feedback, when people are consistently being told that they are doing something wrong or upsetting people and they are not willing to change, it shows that they are not very smart. 

They Are Angry at Everything

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Some people get wound up by the slightest of things and seem to enjoy being angry all of the time. People who cannot relax are no fun and are probably quite dumb while smart people will learn that having a short fuse will not get them very far in life. What makes angry people even more irresponsible is that they spend so much time looking at things to be upset with that they have no time to concentrate on educating themselves and taking time out to chill. 

They Drive Irresponsibly 

driving car
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Driving under the influence, speeding, and performing stunts are just a few of the things that dumb people do behind the wheel. Add to that the annoying people who have a loud exhaust by choice than we really question who should be allowed to drive. We wish that everyone joined the smart people who follow the rules of the road and respect other road users. 

Give Their Time Away for Free

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Benevolence is a positive trait and when people give their time to support others it is commendable. However, when people consistently give their time away for free they could be allowing themselves to be manipulated. Smart people would insist on being paid for their time, whether in cold hard cash or by receiving something back in return. 

Staying in Toxic Relationships

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It is easy to be on the outside of a relationship and make judgments when we don’t really know what is happening between two people but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. Smarter people judge dumb people for remaining in a relationship that is one-sided and controlling and will do all that they can to assign blame.

Act Immaturely

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Some people simply cannot grasp the idea of getting old and will do all that they can to remain young. Whether they dress 20 years younger than they are or hold cringe-worthy parties where only young people are invited, people with Peter Pan syndrome just look silly. Growing old gracefully is what the smart people of the world do as there are lots of opportunities for fun and learning as we age. The people who act younger than they are simply insist that they are wanting to make the most of life. 

Abusing Drugs and Alcohol

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Drug and alcohol abuse is never a smart thing to do but some people cannot help being caught up in addiction. While there is a lot of empathy towards people who struggle with addiction, some people cannot get past how dumb addicts are to begin taking excess drinks and drugs in the first place. Being smart is sticking to the recommended alcohol intake per week or not drinking at all but this is not as easy as it sounds for many people. 

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