The Illusions of Value: Society’s Deceptions That Drain Our Time, Effort, and Money

By Krystal Brown

Amid a world saturated with ceaseless diversions and societal demands, it’s essential to analyze the pursuits we’ve been conditioned to view as worthwhile. Some of these endeavors might be siphoning our invaluable resources instead.


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In the era of social media, our obsession with every minute aspect of celebrities’ lives has reached new heights, from their breakfast choices to the most recent scandal; yet, freeing ourselves from this constant fixation would grant us invaluable time, as their actions hold no real impact on our own lives.

Social Media

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In an age dominated by social media, a significant chunk of our lives is consumed by incessant scrolling through Instagram feeds and TikTok videos, as individuals relentlessly pursue their own sliver of fame, oblivious to the immense time drain it entails. Does the average person truly care about the minutiae of your lunch, and why do we strive to expose every aspect of our lives to the public gaze if not for fleeting moments of recognition? It’s time to break free from the digital grip, lift our heads from our phones, and embrace the richness of living in the present moment.

Perfect Weddings

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For generations, big, extravagant weddings have been deeply ingrained in the traditions of various cultures. Movies and fairytales further amplify the allure of grand, lavish events that often come with a hefty price tag. However, why overlook the charm of a smaller, more intimate wedding shared with beloved family and friends? By opting for a modest celebration, not only can you save money, but you also provide yourselves, as a couple, with a head start in married life. Society has cunningly convinced us that a wedding lacking grandeur is automatically subpar, but I firmly advocate that you can create a truly memorable and joyous day while simultaneously saving money and minimizing the stress and hassle.

Expensive Cars

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Why invest in a luxurious car when it’s bound to be trapped in the same traffic as the humble car I’m currently driving? Picture yourself sitting behind the wheel of a sleek Maserati, unable to unleash its power on a congested city road, while a casual cyclist effortlessly zooms past you, leaving you fuming. Isn’t it ironic? While those with substantial financial resources may have the liberty to splurge, many individuals finance their cars while other essential aspects of their lives, such as housing, remain unresolved.

Apple Products

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Undoubtedly, Apple products have gained a reputation for their robust security and user-friendly interface. However, the label of “fashion technology” is not unfounded. In contrast to its competitor, Android, which often surpasses Apple in terms of battery life, accessibility, and camera quality, Apple devices continue to enjoy higher demand. Furthermore, the exclusivity of Apple products presents a challenge. Buying a Mac often necessitates purchasing new chargers, AirPods, and other accessories, whereas Android offers a more standardized experience.

Night Clubs

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The hype surrounding clubbing, influenced by social factors, often masks the reality of a sweaty, noisy, and expensive affair that fails to deliver genuine enjoyment. With a repetitive nature across venues, the experience becomes predictable and unremarkable. Moreover, the primary motivation for many men to attend clubs is often centered around picking up girls, yet the chances of successfully connecting in such an environment are slim unless one possesses exceptional social finesse. Take a visit during the daytime, and the truth reveals itself—a dimly lit space designed to conceal flaws, coupled with blaring music that hinders any meaningful communication, leaving you feeling isolated in a crowd.


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While I acknowledge that obtaining a degree can enhance one’s prospects of securing a well-paying job, it is important to challenge the notion that it is necessary for success. Outdated education systems have ingrained in us the belief that adhering to their prescribed path guarantees rewards. However, more often than not, this path leads to burdensome lifelong debt rather than true fulfillment. In today’s era, where social media and technology have opened up numerous money-making opportunities, it is crucial to recognize that success can be achieved through alternative means beyond the confines of traditional education.


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Social drinking has become deeply ingrained in our society, with many individuals working through the week only to indulge in nights out on the weekends, seeking solace from the struggles of daily life and a means to unwind. Engaging in excessive drinking not only proves to be a colossal waste of time but also takes a toll on our bodies. The regular occurrence of hangovers hampers productivity and steals valuable time that could be spent on more constructive endeavors. It’s worth considering the trade-off between seeking temporary respite and fostering a lifestyle that allows for greater productivity and overall well-being.


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The perpetual desire for the latest and greatest, along with the anticipation of big sales, reveals our susceptibility to society’s trap of excessive spending. Constant bombardment by advertisements and enticing sale opportunities can almost hypnotize us into believing that we need these products, when in reality, they hold minimal impact on our lives. It is crucial to break free from this cycle by conducting our own research and discerning between genuine needs and unnecessary wants. By doing so, we can develop effective budgeting habits, ensuring we always have a financial safety net rather than succumbing to unnecessary and impulsive spending.

Cosmetic Surgery

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While acknowledging the legitimate medical reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery, it is essential to critically examine the pervasive craze that has engulfed our society. Pressures to conform to modern beauty standards have fueled a disturbing trend where individuals, particularly women, feel compelled to modify themselves, often resorting to excessive plastic procedures that surpass reasonable limits. Embracing self-acceptance and rejecting the notion of altering one’s appearance for external validation is paramount. It’s time to encourage being comfortable in one’s own skin, celebrating individuality, and valuing the innate beauty that resides within us all, rather than succumbing to societal pressures that perpetuate unrealistic ideals.

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