Outdated Wisdom: The BOOMER Advice That Millennials and Gen Z Are Right to Reject

By Krystal Brown

Millennials and Gen Z are taking the world by storm and redefining relationships, social dynamics, and societal expectations. This is why the simply won’t accept these 12 pieces of advice that boomers love to give.

Avoid Communication

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Boomers are infamous for shying away from serious or difficult conversations. They would rather sweep everything under the carpet to avoid addressing an issue head-on. Millennials and Gen Z do not find it alluring and mysterious when people withhold information. These days being withdrawn with your feelings is considered to be emotional immaturity and something to consciously work on.

Facilitate Gender Inequality

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Gone are the days when women were confined to the kitchen. Now both men and women take gender equality seriously and try to address gender parity gaps. Boomers still advise that men and women should stick to “their roles.”

However, the younger generations will not accept chauvinistic behaviour or traditional gender roles. By doing this, they are ensuring that we create a society that is inclusive of the groups that were previously disadvantaged.

That You Should Hide Your Sexuality

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Being anything other than heterosexual was frowned upon in years gone by, thus forcing people to lie about their sexuality. Well, newer generations will just not stand for that. They loudly proclaim their identities regardless of how society perceives it. However, boomers still have the idea that it’s better to hide your sexuality.

Gentle Parenting Creates Weak Kids

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Boomers are experts on destroying their children’s mental health in the name of discipline. From spanking to berating, they have done it all to stub out any individuality in their children. The newer generations, however, aim to create peaceful and loving relationships with their children.

Gentle parenting creates healthy individuals who are more likely to contribute to society in a significant way. You can still show your children love and still teach them to be strong and resilient.

Consent Does Not Matter

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Boomers are notorious for saying that people are too sensitive or dramatic when they enforce boundaries about their bodies and say things like “it was only a kiss”. Gen Z and Millennials do not care for any advice that suggests they should let inappropriate touching slide.

They will not tolerate people who do not respect their personal space. This deserves praise as it will help children and young adults quickly identify what behavior constitutes sexual misconduct thereby allowing for quicker intervention.

Being Vulnerable Means That You Are Weak

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The older generation thought that keeping their emotions locked away made them seem tough, instead it prevented them from forming meaningful and healthy relationships. Gen Z and Millennials applaud vulnerability and consider it a sign of emotional maturity.

Economic Growth Is All That Matters

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Boomers’ main concern is economic growth and what they can leave behind for their descendants. Having money is incredibly important, but it is not the only area that we can grow in. Gen Z and Millennials have emphasized the importance of working on your personal development for better mental health and healthier relationships.

Therapy Is a Waste of Money

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Boomers rarely see mental health struggles as a real problem; therefore, therapy seems useless to them. The newer generations, however, are mindful of how their mental health affects all areas of their lives and use therapy for its intended purpose. It is no longer shameful to seek help to improve your mental health.

You Will Not Get a Job if You Have Tattoos

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Thank goodness most of the Boomers are retiring, their restrictions on creativity and self-expression are exhausting. The newer generations want people to express themselves as they see fit without the fear of their intelligence being questioned.

Sadly, it can be more difficult for some people with tattoos but it shouldn’t be this way and attitudes are thankfully changing.

Thirty Is Too Old for Marriage

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Most boomers were married and had kids well below the age of thirty, however, they were often emotionally immature and did more harm than good. Instead of getting divorced, they became stuck in loveless marriages.

Gen Z and Millennials are aware that marriage and parenthood are huge commitments and wait until they feel ready to take the plunge. This decision ensures that they are financially and emotionally equipped for the challenges ahead.

Work Hard until You Retire

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Boomers sacrifice their entire lives to be the perfect employee. The newer generations are constantly looking for fun, innovative ways to make money and enjoy their lives in the process. They no longer believe they need to sell their soul to pay the bills. There’s no point living just to work, you need to have some fun as well!

Be Loyal to One Company

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Many people in the older generation believe that being loyal to one company gives you financial stability. The newer generations think that their happiness matters more than stability and they are always open to exploring their options. They are also aware that you’re only ever a redundancy letter away from all that loyalty going down the drain.