12 Stupid Things Women Think Make Them More Look Attractive

By Krystal Brown

In an attempt to enhance their appeal to men, many women engage in these 10 misguided actions.

Looking Like a Model

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Men are indeed attracted to good-looking women but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so not all men are attracted to the same body type. Often, men will enjoy dating beautiful women but will often settle down into a long-term relationship with a less attractive woman. This view can be slightly misguided as they believe that having a model-like partner will mean that she is more likely to cheat or constantly fight off attention from other men. 

Vocal Fry

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Vocal fry is the deep, breathy sound that sounds like your voice is creaking. You will recognize it from movies in which a woman is trying to seduce a man. Some women, including Kathleem Turner, have a naturally husky voice which is sexy but when women put a voice on it is far from attractive. 

Pumped Lips

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Lip injections have been all the rage for a good few years but some women can’t seem to stop with the fillers. Women seem to be wanting bigger and bigger lips but, contrary to what women think, men prefer a natural-looking lip. When a woman has too much filler it looks like they have a face like a duck, according to some men.

Playing the Damsel in Distress

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Not all women want to play out the Disney cliche of a woman in need being reduced by a handsome princess, but many play the part anyway in the hope that men will see them as vulnerable and worth rescuing. In reality, men like to see women taking care of themselves and being assertive rather than being reliant on them for happiness. 

Being Quirky

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There are quirky girls everywhere you look in the TV and film industry and women seem to love them. On-screen, quirky women are loved by their friends and fancied by the men, just think Zooey Deschanel in New Girl and Phoebe in Friends. Off-screen, men can sometimes feel intimidated by quirky women and worry that some women are faking their quirkiness to look cool. The key thing in this situation is that if women are naturally quirky they would be more attractive than when they are trying too hard. 

Putting on a Baby Voice

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There is nothing more annoying than a woman thinking she is cute putting on a baby voice. Rather than it being sweet and seductive it is horrible to hear and most men feel embarrassed when women do this, especially when they are in public. Of course, if a woman naturally has a high-pitched voice then this is ok but when it is fake it becomes a problem.

Not Being Genuine

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In a bid to find a man, some women will go put on an act and try to be whatever a man wants them to be. While it is nice for women to show an interest in what men want, men find this unattractive as they are not being genuine. Being fake just to get a date with the guy they fancy will not get a woman very far as the man will soon realize they are not who they say they are. 

Acting Like a Diva

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In a bid to get a man’s attention, some women will act like a diva to stand out and be bold. While women think that this is a positive thing to do, men find it a huge turn-off. Being too loud and demanding can be overpaying for men and they would much rather you tone it down a little. 

Being Submissive

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If you are the kind of woman who lets a man do whatever he wants you to and you find that you never say no, you may be putting that man off having a long-term relationship. When you say yes to anything to get a man to like you you are risking being a doormat, something men do not like. 

Talking Trashy

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While some light seductive talk can be appealing to men, most men do not like it when women are too sleazy. There is a fine line between being sexy and trashy and some women feel they have to push the boundaries to keep men happy. Many men are put off or intimidated by this behavior and would much prefer women to talk respectably. 


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Some women think that stamping their feet and demanding that they get instant gratification is how they will keep their man but they could not be more wrong. Men do not take kindly to getting too many demands and when women behave like a toddler they are heading to ensign their relationship. 

Playing Dumb

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Men love intelligent women so when women play dumb it will not get them far. There will be some men who want a woman who is all beauty and no brains but this is likely to be for a quick hookup rather than a committed relationship.

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