15 Stupid Things Men Associate Their Masculinity With Today

By Krystal Brown

In an era of evolving perspectives on masculinity, it’s crucial to debunk the myths that perpetuate harmful behaviors and restrict genuine expressions of manhood. This article sheds light on fifteen common misconceptions that not only undermine authentic masculinity but also hinder personal growth and meaningful connections.

1. Emotional Suppression

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It is common today to see many men who believe that emotional vulnerability is a weakness and that a real man should not show emotions. However, studies have shown that emotion suppression is harmful to men and is one leading cause of mental breakdown, depression, and even suicide. 

Men who accept their emotions cultivate stronger relationships and mental wellness as well as real masculinity. Showing vulnerability is an act of strength that fosters relationships and builds trust.

2. Dominance

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In a world ruled by all kinds of theories and assumptions, the rise of alpha men, red pillars, and the menace of patriarchy have led many men to believe that being dominant is a way to show strength and leadership. 

The idea that dominance over others is what characterizes masculinity ignores the value of equality and respect for one another. We should embrace a leadership style that tilts towards interdependence and collaborativeness, where men are encouraged to foster a sense of community and empowerment among one another rather than to exercise authority.

3. Aggressiveness

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Aggressive behavior is bad and should never be passed off as something associated with gender. Aggressive men make bad decisions, hurt people, and live most of their life in regret. It is never a cute thing to be associated with. 

When men are associated with aggressive conduct, it can lead to unpleasant relationships and disputes. Redefine masculinity by directing assertiveness toward effective communication and conflict management. True power comes from controlling aggression and cultivating compassion and understanding.

4. The Flower Misconception

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Some men consider a love for flowers, beautification, and even ornamental aesthetics as a “woman thing.” But let’s face it, gender has nothing to do with enjoying the beauty of nature. There is nothing unmanly about admiring flowers; they are a universally beautiful creation!

5. Not Using Hearing Aids

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Unbelievably, some men have the strange assumption that using hearing aids somehow diminishes their manhood. Instead of making compromises for looks, they would rather take the chance of mishearing crucial information. It’s an incredibly egotistical position to put pride above clear communication. Gentlemen, being a man is about knowing and engaging with the society around you, not about how you look!

6. Sexual Escapades

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Associating manhood with many sex partners objectifies both men and women. Genuine masculine connection and respect for one another are valued more highly than objectification or conquest. Men should be taught more to cultivate positive attitudes about close relationships and sincere emotional ties rather than how many sexual escapades they have had.

7. Lack Of Empathy

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Some men pride themselves on having little or no empathy in dealing with others. A man that considers a lack of empathy as something of strength cannot build rich and healthy emotional connections. True masculinity values empathy as a virtue, encouraging understanding and strengthening interpersonal bonds. 

8. Physical Strength

Alpha man
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Men’s gender identity has many facets, and equating masculinity to physical strength alone is disrespectful to those qualities. Along with physical qualities, emotional intelligence, innovative thinking, and empathy are vital parts of true masculinity. Appreciate the beauty in various expressions of power but reject antiquated norms.

9. The Expression of Love

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Some guys erroneously think that publicly and regularly expressing their affection is ‘unmanly. However, expressing love does not imply inferiority; on the contrary, it exhibits the strength and openness that define authentic masculinity.

10. Financial Success

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The idea that financial success determines a man’s masculinity misses the importance of enviable personality qualities that go beyond physical wealth. Real masculinity recognizes that success extends beyond material achievements and embodies perseverance, compassion, and integrity.

11. Risk-Taking Habits

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There is this crazy assumption that men are not supposed to waste time thinking things through. Men should jump on things quickly, take giant leaps, and do unimaginable things, just because they are – men. Well, that is cowardice on display.

Men who engage in risky conduct are more likely to make dangerous choices and get into trouble. Reevaluate masculinity by emphasizing personal safety, encouraging calculated risk-taking, and weighing implications.

12. Lack of Emotional Expression

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Refusing to show people love and affection may strain relationships. Accept open expressions of affection because they deepen emotional connections and promote intimacy.

13. Rejecting Help

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Associating masculinity with not needing help can hinder growth in a man. We all need help. Humans are interdependent specie and it is natural to be tired, confused, and needy. Real manliness is asking for help when you need it, promoting personal growth, and building more meaningful connections with others.

14. Excessive Alcohol Use

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How exactly does excessive alcohol intake show that you are a “man?” Heavy drinking being associated with masculinity, might result in unhealthy behaviors and health problems. Responsible men drink responsibly. They have perfect control over their actions and appetite and do not tie their self-worth to anything external.

15. Stoicism

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Teaching that men shouldn’t cry or exhibit weakness encourages emotional repression. Embrace emotional honesty, show courage in expressing emotions, and ignore toxic stereotypes.

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