Work Warning: 10 Stress-inducing Jobs That Aren’t Worth the Pay

By Krystal Brown

Stay away from these 10 stress-packed jobs that simply don’t pay off enough to make them worthwhile.

News Reporter/Journalist

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New reporters and journalists are always getting the latest scoop, but the pressure to find a great story can be exhausting. Not only do you need to be on top of the latest news, but journalists often work to tight deadlines, navigate busy working environments and potentially cover very distressing stories. Although it is a rewarding career for those who are passionate, the financial incentive likely won’t be enough for most people. 


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Teaching is a fantastic and admirable career to have, and we are in need of compassionate and educated people to teach the next generation. However, due to the stress of trying to educate a diverse range of children, manage a classroom, create lesson plans and mark assignments, many people say it’s just not worth it. Teachers are quitting due to low pay and high stress, with 1 in 4 predicted to leave the profession next year due to pay disputes. 


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Nursing is another highly admirable career, and one that people do because they love to help others. All types of nurses from general to mental health face the daily stressors of working in a fast paced environment, long working hours and caring for the vulnerable and having to handle crisis situations. 


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Working in a fast paced bar can be incredibly stressful with the day to day job consisting of creating complex cocktails, serving several people at once and dealing with people who are inebriated. Coupled with often loud music and chaotic coworkers, this working environment isn’t for everyone. Some people thrive in this type of workplace, but if you are looking for a less stressful or higher paying career then this is probably not for you. 


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A career as a miner can bring with it mental stress as well as taking a physical toll on your body. The mining industry is less hazardous than it used to be due to improved health and safety measures, but there are still several risks from injuries to exposure to dangerous chemicals when working in mines. The job also requires a lot of heavy lifting, long working hours and working in often dark and damp environments. 


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Working as a chef can be a great career for those who are passionate about cooking and creating fantastic food. However, working in a kitchen can come with several stressors, particularly when you are a chef trying to cook delicious food on a tight timescale. You will need to be constantly mindful of hazards such as burns and extreme heat, as well as potential injuries due to utensils and machinery. Alongside the physical hazards, you are likely to be working in close proximity to other chefs and kitchen workers and may have to deal with customer requests and complaints.

Customer Service Assistant

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Being a customer service assistant or retail assistant can be a very challenging and stressful career. Often an undervalued role, customer service assistants provide the first port of call for customers to be served, ask questions and seek assistance. Alongside working in a potentially busy environment answering customer queries, customer service assistants will also restock shelves, take inventory, train other staff members and more, often for a very low salary.. 

Event Coordinator

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Event coordinators have to have expert organisational skills and be able to take challenging situations in their stride. This high stress job is perfect for those who like to take charge and put on events, but can be very stressful as things can often not go as planned and it can be very easy for everything to get on top of you. Although it can be rewarding to see your events ultimately come together, the pay may not be worth it for many.

Taxi Driver

driving car
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Driving jobs can seem relaxing and convenient, especially when you can work around other commitments such as when driving for transportation companies such as Uber. However, dealing with drunk passengers on a Saturday night, not finding pick-up points and getting stuck in rush hour traffic is never fun, and can be a stressful daily occurrence for taxi drivers.

Construction Worker

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Laborers and construction workers are often not very open about the struggles of the job due to the often masculine working environment. However, it is no secret that this career can come with a large amount of stress, mental health issues and physical health issues. From constant environmental hazards to working in extreme weather conditions, the job can take its toll on the body, and many construction workers are under stress of unemployment due to often being contracted self-employed workers. 

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