Fanatic Fan Mail: Celebrities Reveal the WEIRDEST Gifts Sent by Fans!

By Krystal Brown

Celebrities are frequently showered with extravagant gifts from their devoted fans, spanning the spectrum from opulent to outright peculiar. With this article, we look into the world of eccentricity, delving into some of the most unusual and bizarre gifts that have been presented to renowned figures.

Jared Leto

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Jared Leto once received a strange and gross gift from a fan—an actual human ear. He not only kept it but also wore it as jewelry. It was definitely a weird and disturbing present.

Zac Efron

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In another bizarre incident, Zac Efron received a piece of skin from a fan. The size of the skin is unclear, but it’s safe to say that any amount of human skin as a gift is quite unsettling.

The Jonas Brothers

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During their teen heartthrob days, the Jonas Brothers received numerous love letters from fans. However, they once received a rather peculiar gift—a dead baby shark. Kevin Jonas expressed confusion about how someone managed to obtain a deceased shark.

Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson, known for his role in the Twilight series, had a habit of chewing toothpicks to help quit smoking. Fans noticed this and started bringing him toothpicks to events. While unusual, it’s certainly a less disturbing gift compared to some others on this list.

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift’s passionate fandom has always been evident, even in her early years as a country singer. In 2008, a fan gifted her a large turtle shell with her face painted on it. It was an unexpected and unique present that left Taylor surprised.

Ariana Grande

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Unfortunately, not all gifts are welcome, especially when they come from a stalker. Ariana Grande had a fan who engaged in stalking behavior and sent her various odd items, including an ankle bracelet, dog- and cat-themed calendars, and even a rock.

Tom Hiddleston

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Tom Hiddleston, known for his portrayal of Loki in the Thor and Avengers movies, revealed that he received unusual fan mail. Some fans interpreted a fight scene between Thor and Loki as a hidden talent for pole dancing. Consequently, he received depictions of himself pole dancing in tight briefs and a helmet. Tom found it weird and hilarious.

Harry Styles

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During his time in One Direction, Harry Styles received a rather strange gift—a sanitary pad with his name written on it. The details of how the name was written are unknown, but it was undoubtedly an unexpected and peculiar present.

Dolly Parton

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Dolly Parton, beloved country music icon, had an unusual encounter when a fan left a baby on her doorstep. The infant was accompanied by a note stating that the baby’s name was Jolene, inspired by Dolly’s famous song. Dolly did the responsible thing and alerted the authorities, ensuring the baby’s well-being.


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Singer Kesha once requested that her fans send her human teeth, and they enthusiastically responded. With the teeth she received, she created a crown and a bra. It’s certainly an unconventional art project that showcases her unique style.


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In 2006, a fan sent Pink a 16-page letter, claiming that Pink had been initiated into a cult. The letter included a survival kit and instructions, suggesting that Pink should move into the fan’s home and use the kit to get there.

Norman Reedus 

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As a star of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus is familiar with creepy things, having acted alongside zombies. However, it’s unclear whether receiving a breast implant or a bag of squirrel meat from a fan is stranger.

Emma Watson

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Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise, faced a peculiar situation when fans sent her copies of the Bible. Some individuals misunderstood the fictional world of witches and wizards and associated it with anti-religious sentiments.

Avril Lavigne

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In Japan, Lavigne received a rather unconventional fan mail: a dead rabbit. While it’s unclear how the punk-pop princess reacted to this peculiar delivery, it’s reasonable to assume that she might have found it unsettling, like most people would.

Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe, known for his role as Harry Potter, received a particularly eerie gift—a photograph of a milk bottle and a door, which happened to be his own house. The picture featured two people in front of his home, separated only by the door. It was a strange and unsettling present for the actor.

Halle Berry

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Halle Berry, known for her beauty, has experienced fans proposing to her throughout her career. However, she can claim a unique experience as one fan went beyond words and actually sent her a diamond engagement ring along with a marriage proposal.

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