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What began as a hobby to occupy my mind and help with my anxiety quickly turned into a profitable business helping my family become free.

In 2019 I began my blogging journey. My husband had to go and work abroad and I was left at home with 5 kids including a newborn baby and a severely autistic child.

Autism was beginning to consume my every waking hour. Dealing with IEPs, meetings, Speech and Language Therapists, Teaching assistants, occupational therapists, finding new teaching methods and dealing with sleep issues and night waking from 3am-5am every single day.

Going to work wasn’t an option as I had a newborn plus my disabled child was only at school part time. I needed an outlet, writing about pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning, labor and just life in general raising a large family gave me the respite I needed.  Rather than feeling down about being alone and thinking how hard I had it I was writing about the things I loved.

I was learning new things everyday, I loved the varied work from the technical aspects all the way to using Canva for design work.

The first time I saw 2 people on my site I was shocked that people actually enjoyed reading the blog. I was getting hundreds of emails from moms telling me they felt the same, asking advice and giving me ideas for new blog posts!

As my blog grew I realized I could monetize it using display ads.

Within a short time I met the required threshold to have ads on my site and start making money from my blog. I joined Mediavine and started making an income, I learnt about affiliate marketing and began earning from Amazon before I knew it I was making a full-time income. 

In 2019 my social traffic began to decline. I noticed that I was heavily reliant on Pinterest traffic one negative algorithm update could mean I could lose my income. This is when I began looking at SEO and knew  that if I wanted to continue doing what I loved I would need to learn how to write SEO optimized posts.

I took course and within a year I had gone from 99% Pinterest traffic to 60% organic traffic. As my traffic grew to over 100k sessions I was accepted onto AdThrive and earned even more than I previously did.

I continue to write for my site and love what I do. If I can do it then you have got this mama!

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If you are wondering what tools you need to start a successful and profitable blog, then this page should help. 

Domain & HOSTING

You will need both a domain and hosting for your blog. A domain is the site address where people can access your blog. Hosting is where your blog lives. You will need both to start a profitable blog. 




Graphics & STock pictures

Create graphics and pins using Canva. Now you need images for your blog and social media.





Your blog needs to legally comply with laws in your country as well as where your readers come from. Below are all the legal forms you need in one place.