Falsehoods in Plain Sight: Revealing 10 Societal LIES That Have DECEIVED Us for Years

By Krystal Brown

In an era saturated with online misinformation, it’s no wonder we often find ourselves easily misled. Brace yourself as we unravel 10 socially accepted lies that may have hoodwinked you for years.

Tear Here to Open

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Not once have we followed the instructions on packages and it has been a success. Usually, when it says tear here it is like trying to get into a box with ten padlocks on it. We love that companies send out secure packaging but why not just write, and grab a very sharp pair of scissors or a knife to hack away at the packaging? Even worse than the packages you cannot get into are the ones that are so flimsy that when you tear one strip the whole thing falls apart which is useless if you need to return the item. 

Everyone Gets a Happy Ending

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Sayings like “everything happens for a reason”, “your soulmate is out there” and “ it will all work out in the end” may go down well in a romantic comedy at the movies but in reality, life can be very unfair. Some people don’t have all of the luck, do not find their one true love and, quite frankly, their life sucks at times. Even the nicest people in the world don’t get a happy ending and we wish people would tell us that at the beginning. 

Only Teenagers Get Acne

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Nope, horrid spots and problematic skin is here to make our lives a misery well into our 20s and 30s and sometimes even beyond. Stress and fluctuations in hormones can bring back the days of teenage acne dread, which only makes matters worse. Keep following that skincare routine ladies and gents. 

MLMs Are a Reliable Source of Income

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How many times have we been sucked into the next best thing that a multi-level marketing agent claims? No matter how trendy a product is, it is only the people at the top of the chain who are making big bucks. The rest of us at the bottom of the pyramid are left to survive on a few dollars a week of profit that we make from persuading our friends to support our new venture. Honestly, some MLM businesses should be illegal!

You Are Valued as an Employee

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The early days in a new job are very rosy, with the boss paying you compliments and your colleagues making you feel welcome. Fast forward two months and you do not get any praise for working late every night and the presentation that you were up until midnight finishing barely got a ‘well done’. No matter how good you are at your job, sometimes you are just a number when it comes down to it. 

You Have to Wait 24 Hours to Report Someone Missing

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On a more serious note, some people are under the impression that you have to wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person. Dispatchers, however, say this is not necessarily the case. If you are worried about someone who is missing and it is very out of character you should act straight away as the first few hours after someone goes missing is crucial. You may be asked to wait 24 hours if you are reporting a responsible adult and there are no immediate wellbeing concerns, but either way, you will get great advice on what to do when you call to make a report. 

I’ll Stop Doing That Tomorrow

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Whether you plan on stopping eating candy, walking to the office instead of using your car, or deleting the game on your phone so you are more productive, telling yourself that you will do it from tomorrow is the ultimate lie. If we want to get things done then we should start today, like now!

Celebrity-endorsed Products Are Worth Buying

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No, your favorite model does not have thick, glossy hair from using $3 shampoo and conditioner, they are just telling you that so that they can make money out of you losing your money. It is easy to get sucked into celeb culture and when they endorse a product we can be naive in thinking that said product must be good. Try to read honest reviews from people who have used the product before you jump in. 

You Only Have One Soul Mate

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In the search for Mr or Mrs perfect, you may end up losing out on a great relationship. The truth is that no matter how funny, handsome, clever, or kind a person is, they are going to annoy us at times and do things that make us feel unhappy. This doesn’t mean that this person is not your soul mate and if you dump that person who knows if you are going to find the perfect relationship? The truth is there are lots of people who are compatible with one another and there is no such thing as perfection. 

People Have Read the Terms and Conditions

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If you mean people have glanced over what they will be charged immediately and the basics of how to return an item then yes, but when it comes to reading full terms and conditions, few people do so. Let’s be honest, who has the time to read 50 pages of information when we just want to get out product home to try out?

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