16 Signs You’re Smarter Than You Think You Are

By Krystal Brown

Have you ever downplayed your own intelligence? Prepare for a revelation – you may possess untapped brilliance. This article looks into several signs that suggest you hold more intelligence than you give yourself credit for.

You Have an Insatiable Curiosity 

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You enjoy learning new things and researching various subjects. You never stop asking questions or looking for solutions. You have an insatiable hunger for information.

You Can Adjust to Change

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You are capable of managing any circumstance that arises. You are adaptable and strong, and you avoid staying in your comfort zone. You seize chances and challenges, and you grow from your errors.

You Have Compassion and Empathy

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You can relate to and appreciate the thoughts and feelings of others. You make an effort to assist people whenever you can because you are compassionate and empathetic. You can establish deeper connections with people thanks to your strong emotional intelligence.

You Have a Strong Critical Mind

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You don’t believe everything you’re told. You study and evaluate details, and you develop your judgments based on logic and the available evidence. You can notice loopholes and errors in arguments and are not readily convinced by others.

Your Imagination and Creativity Are Strong

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Your thinking is creative and vivid, and you may come up with novel, fresh ideas. You don’t mind thinking outside the box, and you’re someone who can solve issues that others would pass over. You have a knack for any type of expression, whether it be writing, music, or painting.

You Have a Keen Ear

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You listen carefully to others’ opinions and refrain from interjecting or passing judgment. You pay attention and are considerate, and you can recall specifics and information that others might overlook. When necessary, you may also offer constructive criticism and guidance.

You Pick Things Up Quickly

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You have a rapid and simple learning curve for new ideas and abilities. Understanding anything requires little practice or explanation. Also, you excel at adapting what you study to many contexts and situations.

You Have a Tolerant and Open Mentality

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You do not possess a rigid or unbending worldview that restricts your options. Even when they conflict with your own, you’re open to considering other points of view. You respect variety and value the distinctions between individuals and civilizations.

You’ve Got a Great Sense of Humor

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Your funny and shrewd jokes have the power to amuse others. You can also make yourself laugh and not take life too seriously. You are skilled at using comedy as a coping strategy and can put a smile on anyone’s face.

You Are Reflective and Self-aware

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Your strengths, flaws, preferences, values, objectives, and motivations are all things you are quite familiar with. You don’t try to be who you’re not and are honest with yourself. Also, you take stock of what you have done and said and work to better yourself.

You’re Disorganized

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Two groups were given the task of coming up with inventive applications for ping-pong balls in research by Vohs, which was released in Psychological Science. The two groups each had their workspace, one of which was a mess and the other organized. The disorganized group came up with a lot more original and intriguing ideas. So instead of criticizing yourself for your constantly messy desk, give yourself some IQ credit.

You’re Vocal and Linguistic

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Whether you’re talking, writing, reading, or paying attention, you have a way with words. You use a wide variety of words and have clear grammar. You can influence others through good communication.

You Converse With Yourself

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No, it’s not an indication you’re insane – quite the contrary. According to research by Bangor University, speaking aloud to oneself helps one’s ability to regulate oneself, which is a crucial aspect of intelligence. They assigned activities to study participants along with written instructions, requiring them to read what was written aloud or quietly. The performance and focus of those who read aloud were much higher. Speaking aloud gives one more control, and that’s why a lot of famous players speak aloud to themselves while playing.

You Are a Math and Number Person

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Whether you’re calculating, evaluating, estimating, or measuring data, you have an eye for numbers. You are logical and have a good memory. You have little trouble understanding difficult ideas and mathematics.

You Have Great Self-control

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Self-control is an underappreciated indicator of intelligence, whether you practice it by speaking aloud or merely through willpower. Participants in 2009 psychology research from Yale University took IQ tests and were given the option of receiving reward money either right away or later (for a larger amount). Those who chose to wait also got higher IQ scores, demonstrating that avoiding rash decisions and carefully analyzing options suggests deep intellect.

You’re Spatial and Visually Oriented

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When it comes to navigating, mapping, or constructing areas, you have a strong sense of orientation. You have good vision and an accurate sense of distance. You can picture how objects seem from various vantage points and angles.

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