Signs You’re a People Pleaser – And What to Do About It

By Krystal Brown

Do you ever feel like you’re going out of your way to make others happy, even if it means neglecting your own well-being? In this article, we’ll dive into the unmistakable signals of being someone who aims to please everyone, and we’ll share some down-to-earth tips to break this cycle and start putting yourself first.

People-centered Communication

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If you give the other person what you believe they want in response to an actual question, you’re a people pleaser. You can discover that, to make other individuals happy, you excuse terrible behavior or express unintentional praise.

You may also accept viewpoints you disagree with. This does not imply that you are impulsive or lack personal conviction. It simply means that you place others’ comfort ahead of your own.

You Do Not Know How to Say No

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Many individuals find it difficult to say “no,” but a people-pleaser frequently avoids conflict by choosing to remain silent. You might deviate from the subject, offer a terse non-answer, or pretend to be unaware. You do everything else except respond to the question or issue at hand. This is a huge sign that you are a people pleaser. Doing the opposite is the way to go. Face headlong matters, and if you must say no a hundred times, square up and be firm with your decision.

You Are Concerned About What People Think of You

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People fear rejection, just like they fear saying no. People pleasers vary from other individuals since it often means a lot to them that other people like them. Furthermore, they usually crave the approval of everyone and will stop at nothing to achieve this objective.

There are specific individuals you will never be able to get along with, regardless of how hard you try. That’s just OK for most folks.

People-pleasers usually dwell on particular people who dislike them. They also question whether their friends like them as much as they claim. In their social circle, people-pleasers tend to act as appeasers.

You Don’t Set Boundaries

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It might be challenging if you’re a people pleaser to set and enforce boundaries necessary for maintaining strong relationships.

It may be especially hard for people pleasers to maintain their limits when someone continuously pushes against them. People pleasers generally feel guiltier than upset when others cross their boundaries, whereas other individuals could start to get frustrated.

Saying Sorry When You Did Nothing Wrong

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Have you ever felt the need to apologize when someone runs into you? How about expressing regret when someone else blunders? It’s a positive indicator of people pleasing when you feel forced to say sorry for other people’s errors.

People-pleasers feel so obligated to keep everyone happy that they may feel like failures if there is unhappiness, even though they had nothing to do with what occurred.

You Don’t Create a “Me” Time

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If you’re a people pleaser, you’ll certainly discover that you fail to come up with much “me” time since you’re constantly looking for what to do for others. This attitude has a way of affecting the time you should have spent on yourself.

In the long run, you will discover that helping people never ends, so you should find ways to pay attention to yourself. You will always overlook the things that are essential to you if you take on extra home tasks or volunteer for friends or coworkers all the time. Balance is key. While we are not against you helping out and being sweet to people, make sure you are not doing so at the expense of your “me time.”

When You Are Unnecessarily Meticulous

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Most perfectionists who are men pleasers do so because they hope to get more people to like and speak well of them for their good heart. You can find yourself working tirelessly to complete a job to the best of your ability in the hopes that it would impress and satisfy others.

This is also common among people who are scarred by criticisms. Most people who hate criticism try to ensure that they are perfect at whatever they do so that they can into the good books of others. When the strive for perfectionism shifts from personal productivity to pleasing people, it becomes toxic to oneself.

You Take on People’s Blame

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You are a people pleaser if you consistently take the blame when people misbehave or do something wrong, especially when you had nothing to do with it. You keep thinking maybe if you did something on time they wouldn’t act or speak in a certain way. This is wrong. You must let people be accountable for their actions. Let them realize that there are consequences to bad behavior. You must learn to teach people to do what is right and if they happen to fall short, they should be strong enough to take the blame and consequences for their actions.

Feeling Undervalued

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You spend so much time and effort trying to provide customers with the best service possible that if your efforts aren’t completely recognized, you feel undervalued. You could think that helping others is a waste of time and that no one else puts in the same amount of effort as you do. This could make you angry and ruin your relationships.

People pleasers may develop an unfriendly and isolated attitude as a result of being constantly disappointed when acquaintances don’t reciprocate with a similar effort. You can start to believe that others are self-centered or question if they care about you. 

Alternatively, the people-pleaser may consistently go above and beyond to win over the other person.

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