She’s Really Not Interested in You: 10 Signs to Look Out For

By Krystal Brown

Are you interested in a woman but not sure if she feels the same? Here are some sure signs she’s not into you.

She Doesn’t Initiate Contact

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Some women play hard to get so it can be difficult to know sometimes exactly where you stand. But if you are the one who must initiate conversation every time, then she may just not be that into you.

If someone is genuinely interested, then they’ll make an effort to keep the conversation going. Communication should be a two-way street and you shouldn’t be the one making all the effort. If she never is the first to message, she might not be worth your time.

She’s Always Busy

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Many women lead busy lives, and it can be hard to fit in time for dating. While that’s true, if she’s genuinely interested, she’ll make time. If all you are getting is excuses when you’re trying to make plans, then she’s clearly not that interested.

In this scenario, it’s best not to keep going down a dead end. Put the ball in her court and tell her when you’re available and let you know if she wants to make any plans. If she doesn’t, she was never really into you.

Short and Unengaged Responses

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What are the types of responses you’re getting when you’re trying to make conversations? If they are short and unengaged, it’s a bad sign.

This shows that she’s not interested in carrying on the conversation and doesn’t want to get to know you better. If she’s not giving you thoughtful responses, she doesn’t really want to chat

Minimal Eye Contact

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Eye contact plays a huge role in body language and those who have a sexual interest in each other often can’t stop looking at each other.

There are caveats here as some may avoid eye contact if they are struggling with anxieties. It’s not always a bad sign, but it usually is. 

Limited Personal Sharing

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In the early stages of dating, getting to know all about each other is essential. This means opening yourself up and talking about your past, family, aspirations, etc.

If she consistently avoids sharing personal details or stories about her life and experiences, she may be keeping an emotional distance as she doesn’t see a future with you.

She Doesn’t Make Future Plans

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When someone sees a future with you, then they’ll often make plans, even if they are distant such as “we should definitely go there one day”.

Comments like that show you’re in her long-term planning. If she never makes comments like that, then she most likely doesn’t see you as a part of her future. 

Lack of Physical Contact

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Physical contact is an essential aspect of any romantic relationship. Have you gone in for a kiss but she’s pulled back? Or perhaps you’ve hugged her but didn’t get a warm response?

If so, it shows that she’s not comfortable and you should avoid trying again. Here it’s best to talk to her and understand her feelings. It may just be that she’s not ready for physical contact.

She Talks About Other Romantic Interests

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While some of the indicators on this list are subtle, this is a very obvious one. If she talks about others in a romantic way, then you are very firmly in the friend zone.

If she’s comfortable talking to you about this, it probably means she hasn’t even considered you as a possible romantic partner.

No Effort to Integrate You into Her Life

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If you want a long-term relationship with someone, you’ll integrate them into your life. You will try to share your interests, introduce them to your friends, and make plans.

If she’s doing none of these things, then it’s a bad sign. It shows she’s not making any commitment to your potential relationship.

She’s Not Supportive

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Everyone has their challenges whether that’s something as simple as an upcoming test or something as heavy as a bereavement.

If she’s not interested in supporting you during your challenges, she’s not the girl for you. It shows that she’s not making any emotional investment in your well-being.

Unresponsive to Compliments

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This can be a tricky one as many people are uncomfortable with accepting comments. This is especially true if they are insecure, as they are not sure how to react.

Other girls get so many compliments that they become meaningless. However, if you’re giving her compliments and getting no thanks for flirtations back, it can be a bad sign.

Not Engaged in Your Interests

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They say opposites attract but even if that’s true, a happy couple will be engaged in each other’s interests, even if it’s not their thing.

If she’s not supportive or dismissive of the things you love doing, it’s probably best to walk away. 

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