From Love to LOATHE: When TV Shows Become Fandom FAILS!

By Krystal Brown

Enter the world of television, where  programs that initially flourished with hope and enthusiasm, spiral into dismal endings shattering the hearts of their devoted fans.

Game of Thrones

Image Credit: HBO

Despite being widely acclaimed during its early seasons, the final season of “Game of Thrones” received significant backlash from fans and critics alike. Many viewers felt that the rushed pacing and unsatisfying character arcs undermined the show’s previous quality.


Image Credit: Showtime / CBS

The final season of “Dexter” was heavily criticized for its story line and character development. Fans felt let down by the way the series concluded, and it became a prime example of a once-beloved show that lost its way.

How I Met Your Mother

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

The finale of “How I Met Your Mother” divided audiences. Some fans were disappointed with how the story concluded, particularly regarding the fate of certain characters. It sparked discussions and debates among fans about whether the ending was appropriate or undermined the show’s overall narrative.


IMage Credit: Touchstone Television/ABC

Lost” was praised for its intriguing premise and complex storytelling but faced criticism as the series progressed. The final season, in particular, generated polarizing reactions due to the perceived lack of resolution and unanswered questions.

The Walking Dead

Image Credit: Idiot Box Productions

Although it remains a popular show, “The Walking Dead” has seen a decline in favor among some viewers over time. Complaints range from repetitive story lines and pacing issues to character deaths that were perceived as unnecessary or poorly executed.

How to Get Away with Murder

Image Credit: ABC/Shondaland

While the legal thriller series gained a dedicated following, the final season received mixed reactions. Many viewers felt that the storylines became convoluted and the resolution of certain character arcs was unsatisfying.

Pretty Little Liars

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

As the mystery drama series progressed, it became known for its complex and sometimes confusing plot lines. The final episodes and ultimate reveal of the central mystery were met with disappointment from some fans who felt that the resolution did not live up to their expectations.

True Blood

Image Credit: Your Face Goes Here Entertainment / HBO

The vampire drama series was initially popular but experienced a decline in critical reception and viewer satisfaction as it went on. Fans felt that the later seasons became increasingly convoluted, and the show’s quality deteriorated, leading to a less-than-satisfying conclusion.


Image Credit: tailwind Productions/NBC/UMS

Heroes was praised for its intriguing premise and unique characters during its first season, but subsequent seasons faced criticism for inconsistent storytelling and a lack of focus. The decline in quality over time led to a decline in viewer satisfaction and eventually resulted in the show’s cancellation.

The Big Bang Theory

Image Credit: Chuck Lorre Productions / Warner Bros. Television

While “The Big Bang Theory” enjoyed immense popularity throughout its run, it also garnered a fair share of criticism. Some viewers grew tired of the repetitive jokes and formulaic nature of the sitcom, leading to a divided fan base and mixed reactions to its series finale.

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