10 Shocking Things People Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life

By Krystal Brown

Unveiling a list of revelations that left individuals astonished, here are 10 shocking things people discovered embarrassingly late in their lives.

1. Santa Claus isn’t Real 

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Santa Claus is a prominent and beloved figure that shaped most of our childhood. Therefore, the idea that this symbol of goodwill and magical Christmas isn’t real can be shocking to so many people later in life. We are accustomed to the costumes and the myth that on Christmas Eve, Santa loads his sleigh with toys and flies around the world to give children toys and other gifts. It’s funny that we were raised with this lovely story, and there’s no point doubting it when our trusted folks also conceive the same. Learning that Santa Claus isn’t real might come off as embarrassing for most people because of their long-time belief and trust in this phenomenon and also a messy outlook of childhood innocence 

2. Pineapples Don’t Grow on Trees 

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Almost everyone has the impression that all fruits grow on a tree. This impression, coupled with the fact that most kids have never seen a pineapple in person other than in groceries or restaurants. Therefore it’s very easy to assume that pineapples grow on trees. However, learning that pineapples have different growth patterns than other regular fruits can be embarrassing later in life. It’s a difficult realization for many who question their reasoning and understanding when they discover that pineapples don’t grow on trees. Rather, they’re aggregate fruits that are made up of fused flowers.

3. The Right Pronunciation of GIF 

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Almost everyone pronounces this wrongly at one point in time, and it has also been a source of constant debate among people for years. American computer scientists Steve Wilhite developed GIF (graphic interchange format) in June 1987. Since its inception and widespread popularity, no definite pronunciation guide for this acronym has existed. For instance, most people pronounce GIFs starting with a hard “G” like Guy, Gold, Gift, etc. Although there was no rule or defined pronunciation for GIF during the development of this image format, the lead developer categorically stated that the best way to pronounce GIF was with a soft “G” sound like JIF. It will be difficult for some people who are used to the widespread wrong pronunciation to come to terms with the correct way of saying it. 

6. Another meaning of LOL

This abbreviation has been around for a long and has witnessed various evolution in its usage and meaning. Originally, LOL meant “laughing out loud,” which predominantly refers to laughing alone. A series of use fits that was unearthed by social media users has created various hidden meanings for this abbreviation. Most people are just getting to know that LOL can be used to express a wide range of emotions, including amusement and indifference. This can be embarrassing for someone that just came across this other meaning because they have been using LOL incorrectly or relegating its usage to laughing alone. 

7. The Purpose of Small Pockets in Jeans 

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The usefulness of small pockets in jeans has been out of vogue for a long time. Some people think it’s there just for aesthetics or don’t even know what it is for. However, getting to know this small pocket in your jeans is often referred to as a “watch pocket,” can be thrilling and, at the same time, looks embarrassing if you look at the age at which you are getting to know its uses. On the other hand, no one can judge people who don’t know their jeans’ purpose because pocket watches were phased out of fashion in the mid-20th century. This means if you were born after 1960, there’s no way you can get to know the purpose of the small pocket in your jeans. 

8. The Correct Way to Use Bobby’s Pin 

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Almost every lady has used Bobby pin for their hair at some point in their life. Bobby pins are small double-pronged hair clips to hold small sections of the hair in place. Most ladies are accustomed to the indirect way of fixing this pin. This might be because it was how they were taught or they got that from someone that was doing it that same incorrect way. As a result, it might be a hard reality to digest when they find out that they’ve been using Bobby pins all their lives wrongly, especially when fixing them in front of people. The correct way to use Bobby pins is to turn upward, making a U shape, while the curve faces downward. Fixing it to your hair this way will prevent the hair from coming loose. 

9. The Proper Way to Use Some Household Items 

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It’s not surprising to find out that some people get the grip of proper usage of some household items later in their lives. Household items like can openers, garbage disposers, kettlebells, dishwashers, irons, etc., fall inside the outfall of the wrong usage. Some people don’t know that the appropriate method of using the can opener is the pry-and-twist method, which is much faster and easier. Another one is the improper usage of garbage disposers. Many people fail to realize that dropping oily substances and fruit inside the garbage can cause clogs and other damage. And lastly, the quick settings of your irons thermostats to the type of fabrics you iron. Getting to know these simple things can be awkward for someone using them the wrong way all their lives. 

10. The Purpose of the Hole in the Pen Cap

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There is common knowledge that the hole on the pen cap regulates airflow that prevents the ink from drying out. Almost everyone goes by this idea because no one gave it a thought, or the fact that most people learn about this from someone older. However, the real purpose of the hole is to act as a safety feature. For instance, if a child accidentally swallows the pen cap, the hole is there to enable breathing if the pen cap blocks the airway. 

11. Difference Between Baking Powder and Baking Soda

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Baking soda and baking powder share similarities in their uses and are both leavening agents. However, they have contrasting properties, and they work in different ways. The difference between baking soda and baking powder is not what everyone knows. It is quite confusing for most people who have used baking soda instead of baking powder leading to embarrassing baking results. Most people just have the difficult realization that baking soda is a base property used in a recipe with acidic ingredients such as yogurt, Lemmon juice, and others. Baking powder is the direct opposite of this. Baking powder is a combination of baking soda and acidic substances like cream of tartars added to an ingredient that does not have acidic ingredients, such as buttermilk. This helps create bubbles that give your dough a light, fluffy and airy texture. 

12. The Proper  Way to Hang Toilet Paper 

The proper way to hang toiletries has been controversial for years, with some people claiming “over” or “under” hanging is the right way. This is a personal topic and sometimes has some ilk of insignificance. But realizing late in life that the correct way to hand your toilet paper is “Over” can be quite funny after all the years of debating with friends and family on this topic. 

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