She Throws Her Daughter an Extravagant Birthday on Her Sister in Laws Wedding Day, but When She Refuses to Cancel She is Furious

By Emma Williams

A woman recently caused turmoil within her family when she “outshone” her sister-in-law’s wedding by throwing an extravagant birthday party for her daughter.


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Most of the woman’s family is very upset with her due to this situation. To provide context, her brother had recently married her now sister-in-law in a small church close to their house.


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Her daughter’s birthday was the day right after the wedding. She thought it was perfect, as all of her family was already in town for the wedding.

Party Plans

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Her husband, who is a surgeon and earns a good income, loves to spoil their daughter. Alongside his wife who enjoys planning parties.


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She booked a beautiful garden venue, creating a princess carnival theme. She wanted the party for her daughter to be something that both kids and adults can enjoy together.


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The event turned out beautifully; however, towards the end of it, she was pulled into the bathroom. This is where she found her sister-in-law distraught. She was very upset and crying.


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Her sister-in-law claimed that her five-year-old daughter had outshone her wedding. Expressing her anger and claiming to feel disrespected by her.

Scheduling Conflicts

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Her family believed that she had been inconsiderate in scheduling the birthday party so close together with her sister-in-law’s wedding date. With her sister-in-law telling everyone that she did not speak to her first.


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She tried to explain that she couldn’t change the day her daughter’s birthday falls on. It was also revealed that her sister-in-law had received an invitation to the birthday party weeks in advance as well.


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It was evident that her sister-in-law felt jealousy towards her daughter since her wedding was not as grand. It also wasn’t as well-thought-out as her daughter’s party was. However, some family members still sided with the sister-in-law. Telling her that she was the one in the wrong about this situation.

Comments and Concerns

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There has been no update on the situation, also not responding to comments raising concerns about her sister-in-law’s behavior towards the little girl. Readers who have heard the story do not think that she is the one in the wrong. Explaining that her sister-in-law’s special day was over, and the child did not choose her birthday.

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