She Ruins Her Aunts $2000 Coat, but When She Takes Her to Court, the Family Thinks She’s Overreacting

By Emma Williams

A 28 year-old woman takes to an online forum. Explaining to readers that she will be suing her 16 year old niece for a prank gone wrong.

Gifted Coat

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Two years prior to the post being made, she explains that she married a very wealthy man. Due to the pandemic, that last Christmas was the first she got to spend with her in-laws. One of the gifts to her from her new mother-in-law was a coat. This coat amounted to more than $20,000 dollars.

Brands Sell

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Her mother-in-law did not make her aware of the price. She wore the coat while visiting her sister that January. When her sister saw it, she googled the brand and showed her how much it really was. After finding out the price she no longer wore it for a while out of fear of ruining it.

Prank Gone Wrong

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Fast forward to a week before the post, she wore it again while visiting her sister. When she was putting it back on, about to leave, she felt something spill on her back. She was confused until her niece started cackling with the smell of paint hitting her nose.

No Apologies

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The woman was furious, with her niece not being apologetic in the slightest. Her sister screamed at her daughter, telling her she was grounded. And that she would also pay for the woman’s dry cleaning.


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When she left and sat in her car she was still in shock. That’s when she got a notification that her niece had posted a reel. When she viewed it, she was horrified. It was of her niece ‘doing a prank’ on her. The reel was captioned “I’m going to hit my aunt’s $20k coat with a paint filled balloon to see how she reacts.”

Video Taken Down

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She saved the video onto her phone, sending it to her sister. Telling her that a week’s grounding is obviously not enough. Her sister never replied, but the video was soon taken down. The next day she found out her coat could not be saved.

A Debt Is Owed

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When she found out the coat could not be salvaged she called her sister. Telling her that her daughter has to pay back the money for the coat. They got into an argument, with her sister saying they would not be paying it back.


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Her sister told her that if she wanted a new one, she should just have her husband buy it. However, the woman did not agree. She said that she feels it is their responsibility to pay it back due to the act being purposeful. While her niece knew fully how much the coat was worth when she decided to pull that prank.

No Agreement

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The sisters did not reach an agreement. The woman informed her sister that if they would not pay it back, she would be suing. She reminded her she still had the video evidence of her daughter committing the act on her phone. Doing it on purpose for popularity and knowing how expensive the coat was.


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Since the post the situation has been resolved after explaining to her husband what had happened and showing him the video. He asked if she spoke to her brother in law, to which she said no and that all of her conversations were with her sister. He assured her he will take care of it.

Insurance To The Rescue

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After her husband spoke to her brother-in-law and told him about the situation. He then told him that the coat was insured, and that they will be filing a claim and submitting the video. Giving him a heads-up that they would have to file charges for the claim. He promised that they would drop the charges, since they did not want their niece to be sent to jail.

A Way Around

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Her brother-in-law asked if there was a way he could pay them without involving insurance. Apparently unaware of the entire situation or her sister’s response. When her brother-in-law found out he was very angry. Both at the prank and at his wife’s response. So they came to the solution that her niece’s car will be sold, and that if it didn’t fetch the whole compensation money that she will be getting a job and paying her the whole check until the coat is paid off. Also being grounded for the rest of the school year.

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