She Has Uncontrollable Hate For Her Husband When He is Away From Her But She is Worried About Seeking Therapy

By Emma Williams

A frustrated woman looked for support online as she was experiencing some difficulties with her husband. The 32-year-old told readers of an online forum that she has been married to her husband for seven years and describes him as being “wonderful.”

They Have Thought About Their Future

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The woman claims that the couple have “been through everything” together apart from raising children as they are waiting until they are more financially secure. Despite the experiences the couple have been through, the woman has started to have worryingly negative feelings about her husband.

She Has Started To Hate Him When They are Apart

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In a dramatic confession, the woman tells readers that she has been struggling with her feelings when her husband is away from her, going as far as saying, “I kind of hate him.” She says that every time her husband goes out to work or is away from her for any length of time, her feelings intensify.

Extreme Negative Emotions

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Explaining her hatred, the poster said she was having “insanely negative emotions” when the couple were not together, for example, when they were both at work. The woman admits that she does not know if she would call her feelings “normal.”

She Wants Him Gone

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The woman went on to explain that, at times, her feelings go beyond hate, and she actually resents and detests him to the point she wants him “gone.” The woman admits that she does not know why she is reacting in such a way and why her negative feelings towards her husband are so intense.

Therapy is on The Cards

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The woman said that she wants to go to therapy; in fact, she says she NEEDS to go to therapy because she does love her husband when he is home. Confusingly, the woman says, “When I see his face, I feel everything inside of me melt away, and I’m left feeling this stupid butterfly feeling all over again.” However, the moment he is gone, the rage comes back, and she is no longer “enamored by him.”

Her Husband Has Started to Notice

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Unsurprisingly, the husband has started to notice the tone of her messages is “off,” which has led the woman to think she can’t hide her feelings any longer. The difficulty the woman is having is whether to tell her husband about going to therapy, as he will want to know why. By explaining what is happening, the woman feels she will ruin the happy life she has with her three dogs, lovely home, and pleasant life (when the couple is together).

People Supported Her Therapy Plan

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People on Reddit responded in a mostly positive way about her dilemma, with many supporting her decision to go to therapy. One person wrote that she should not worry about having to go into detail with her husband, saying, “You’re an adult and can seek medical treatment without the consent of your spouse. “ Another simply said, “You’re a big girl. Just find a therapist, make an appointment, and go.”

There Must Be More to It

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Many readers identified with the poster’s feelings about her husband and urged her to dig deeper as to the reasons she may be feeling this way. One person wrote I sometimes hate my husband when he’s gone, but we are having issues that we have been taking the steps to work through. I didn’t start feeling this way out of nowhere, and it’s NOT a normal feeling by any stretch of the imagination.”

A Lot of People Empathized

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Many women responded, some in jest, about how much they hate their husbands, too. One woman jokingly said, “Yeah, I chuckled at that. Yeah, everyone hates their husband. You are weird for not hating him when he is around.”

Some People Had An Idea of What The Issue Was

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In a bid to make sense of the woman’s feelings, many people played therapist when they offered up reasons for her behavior. One person said, “Either you fear abandonment and blame him for your uncomfortable feelings, thus the anger. Or he is not the husband you think he is. “ Others thought that the woman needed urgent medical attention when they said, “Yeah, “intrusive thoughts” is what came to mind reading this. Intrusive thoughts are normal; we all have them, but when they become a real problem like these are, it’s time for some medical intervention.”

Regardless of whether the woman tells her husband that she is seeking therapy or not, the consensus from Reddit users was that she is not in the wrong to seek support, and they hope she finds some peace from her negative thoughts.

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