10 Secrets Men Guard Like Treasures and Will Never Spill to Their Buddies!

By Krystal Brown

We uncover thirteen veiled behaviors and concealed confessions that men steadfastly withhold, even from their closest confidants.

They Struggle with Insecurities

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Men, like women, grapple with insecurities but are often hesitant to openly discuss them. Concerns about physical appearance, career success, and personal achievements can weigh on their minds, contributing to silent struggles that they rarely share with friends.

They Have Body Image Concerns

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Men can struggle with body image concerns, feeling pressure to meet societal standards of physical attractiveness. While some may engage in private grooming habits, others battle insecurities related to physique but rarely share these feelings openly.

They Fear Rejection

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The fear of rejection, whether in romantic relationships or professional endeavors, is a common concern for men. This fear, rooted in vulnerability, often leads them to keep their apprehensions hidden from others.

They Touch Themselves Several Times a Day

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You cannot be in a room with a man for too long before he touches his private parts so it shouldn’t be a secret between men. While many women wonder why men are so obsessed with putting their hands down their pants, men do not talk to one another about why they actually do it. There are a multitude of reasons why men feel the need to touch their junk every five minutes, from feeling itchy, needing to adjust for comfort when wearing baggy underwear, and moving it around to avoid sweating. 

They Love Their Friends

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Men don’t often talk about their best friends other than to talk about the fun they have on nights out and how they bond when playing sports. They don’t often talk about the deeper feelings that they hold for their male friends as it can be seen as being too ‘girly’ or over-emotional. In reality, men often care for their buddies very deeply and will rely on them just as much as girlfriends rely on one another. 

They Don’t Like Your Girlfriend

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If a man doesn’t like his best friend’s girlfriend it will be a secret that he will take to the grave. OK, maybe that is taking it a little too far but while a man may offload to family members or his girlfriend, he will never tell his friend that the person he is dating is annoying. Of course, if there are serious red flags then some men will speak out but more often than that personal feelings about dates are kept inside. 

They Stalk Their Exes

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Some men take a long time to get over their exes which can lead to some serious stalking behavior. Whether it be turning up at their workplaces just to say hello or watching them from a car as they arrive home, men will do anything to see their ex. This, alongside looking at everything their ex does online, is something that a man will never admit he does to his friends. 

They Get Jealous

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Some men get jealous of their friends or other men but they would never admit that fact to others. Admitting they were jealous of other men would make them feel inferior and put them at risk of being mocked by others, which is why they suffer in silence when other people are doing better things than them. This pent-up jealousy can often manifest itself in unusual behavior that will make them look worse than they would if they just admitted they were jealous and moved on with it. 

Grooming Their Eyebrows

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While men are happy to share their grooming habits with others, such as haircuts, shaving, and nose clippings, they keep some of their beauty regime secret. For example, more men are plucking their eyebrows, moisturizing, and even wearing make-up but they would never admit to their friends that they do this. We do wonder, however, what men think other people think when they suddenly lose 90% of the hair on their face or why they suddenly have no wrinkles!

They Just Want to Settle Down

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A lot of men feel like they have to live up to the stereotypes of being with loads of women and having no intention of settling down with a good woman. In reality, so many men hate the gigolo lifestyle and cannot wait to marry and have a family to get off the hamster wheel that is dating. To admit this to his friends would risk them being labeled as being less macho or too sweet and girly, which is why they keep it to themselves.

They Are Lonely

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A man could be surrounded by a dozen friends and have lots of family around to support him but he can still be lonely. To admit they were lonely would be a brave thing to do which is why so many men keep it a secret. In a world where we are trying to encourage more people to take care of their mental health, we must break down the barriers so men can feel that they can talk. 

They Like to Sit Down to Pee

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On a more humorous note, some men feel that they could never admit that sometimes they just want to rest their legs and sit down when they pee! This would get many laughs if men would tell their friends about it but if everyone was being honest the whole room would put their hands up to say they have done this from time to time. 

They Like to Cry

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Nobody can watch Marley and Me without crying and anyone who does is either lying or is a robot. Men like to cry just as much as women at times and it is a good release of emotions when they do. For some men, crying is embarrassing so they would not inform their friends or admit to crying when they are alone. 

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