12 Facts You Learned in School That Are No Longer True: How Many Did You Believe?

By Krystal Brown

The school of thought that education is essential still stands, but the truth is that some fallacies were taught unintentionally by your school teachers, and most have been proven to be false later in life. Find out some of the facts that later end up being disproved.

Humans Only Use 10% of Their Brains

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The myth that humans only utilize 10% of their brains has been widely circulated. However, modern neuroscience debunks this claim, revealing that various parts of the brain have distinct functions, and the majority of the brain is active throughout the day.

Eating Chocolate Causes Acne

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The idea that consuming chocolate leads to acne breakouts has been a long-standing belief. However, numerous studies have failed to establish a direct correlation between chocolate consumption and acne. Other factors, such as genetics and hormonal changes, play more significant roles in skin health.

Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice

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The notion that lightning never strikes the same place twice is a weather myth. In reality, lightning can and does strike the same location repeatedly, especially in areas with prominent structures or tall objects.

Goldfish Have a Three-Second Memory

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Another popular misconception is that goldfish have a mere three-second memory span. In reality, goldfish have a more robust memory capacity and can remember information for several months. This myth likely arose from misunderstandings about their attention spans.

Bulls Are Enraged by the Color Red

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The belief that bulls become furious at the sight of the color red is a common misconception. In reality, bulls are color-blind to red; they react to the movement of the matador’s cape during bullfighting. The color itself does not play a significant role in their agitation.

Christopher Columbus Discovered America

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The popular historical documentation about Christopher Columbus that was taught in school was mostly based on the idea that he discovered America. But the truth of the story is that Columbus was just an explorer who landed on American soil in 1492. It has been dated back that prior to his landing, America had been inhabited since time immemorial by those regarded as the founding fathers or the American natives. Upon further probing into this fact, it was established by researchers that explorers from Africa, Asia, and Europe landed in America before Columbus did in 1492. 

Different Parts of Your Tongue are for Different Sorts of Taste 

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Explanations about the biology of the tongue won’t be done without recourse to taste buds. You should remember the graphical description of this section in your textbook, where they depict tongues into taste bud zones. This teaching has been disproven by more advanced findings that went into the biology of the tongue. It was stated that the human tongue consists of 8,000 taste buds, which contain a mixture of receptor cells that accommodate all five different tastes. 

Body Heat Escapes Through the Head

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This take was common in science class, where you were taught that a hat is essential in winter because most of your body heat escapes through the head. In reality, this is overblown because a tiny amount of heat is lost through the head, while the larger surface area of the body, like skin, arms, and legs, should instead get the most attention since they emit more heat. 

The Great Wall of China is the Only Man Made Object You Can See From The Space

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Everyone is in awe of the beauty and exceptionality of the Great Wall of China. Most teachers have made recourse to that in the classroom as the only visible thing you can see from the space. The fact about this is that there are no man-made objects that are visible to unaided eyes in space. This was further stated by the documentation of NASA, where it was outlined that it’s impossible to see any human-created substance on the moon with ordinary eyes. 

Space has Zero Gravity 

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Your physics class was dominated by the idea that there’s no gravity in space, even though it was proven with clearly stated examples. Well, you might have to dump that idea. This fact was disproved by NASA when they detected the presence of gravity on space-albeit in low quantity. It was further explained that the instances of a moon orbiting around the earth could only be possible by the presence of gravity that pulls them together. 

Humans Only Have Five Senses. 

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While in school, you are taught that humans only have five senses: smell, taste, heating, and touch. Although these are the basic senses, it would be interesting if they had let you know that there are some other senses to balance the odds. The other sense is a sense of balance, pain, temperature, and space. 

You’ll End up Working Minimum Wage if You Don’t Go to College 

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It’s a great thing to do to college, but making it seem like a fact that every person who didn’t go to college later ends up working minimum wage is a fallacy. In today’s world that places skills over certificates, most people work in various high-paying fields based on their years of experience. This has refuted the claim that not attending college would make you earn peanuts. 

The North Star Can Help You Home Since it’s Always the Brightest

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The only truth in this is that the North Star can brighten your path until you get home, but the saying that it is the brightest star in the sky is false. Further understanding and analysis of stars by various agencies and astronomers posited that many stars are brighter than the north stars. They further stated that North Star stands at number 50 among the hierarchy of stars in terms of their 

Camel Stores Water in Their Humps

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Camels are unique animals that are built for the rigor of deserts. You must be taught how this animal can withstand the constant thirst common in the desert, and your teacher told you they store water in the hump. Trash all that idea about camels because the hunk in their back is filled with fat. The purpose of that hump was to store food so they could easily travel through the deserts. 

Carrots Will Boost Your Vision 

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Carrots are a good source of beta carotene that the body converts to vision-enhancing vitamin A, also known as Retinal. This nutrient boosts your vision but not in the way you were taught in class. You can only enjoy this benefit if you have vitamin A deficiency due to an unhealthy diet or absorption problem. Most people already have an abundance of vitamin A, which renders the nutrient useless in their bodies. Therefore, you should cease incorporating carrots into your diet with the hope that it will boost your already fixed vision. 

Thomas Edison Invented the Light Bulb 

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This was the domineering anecdote about innovation. You were probably taught that Thomas Edison was the father of the light bulb. This was not the case because the light bulb was in use before Edison’s own. However, those light bulbs were quite rudimentary and more expensive. 

Chameleon Always Blends in With Their Background

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This erroneous belief was bolstered by teachers who tried to teach their students about the reptilian family. The teaching was half-baked, which only captures part of the essence of the chameleon changing its colors. Truly, chameleons change their color to their environment, but it was done to reflect their mood, not to blend in or camouflage.

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