S.O.S. (Save Our Sanity!): Top Parenting Hacks for a Calmer, Happier You

By Krystal Brown

Whether you’re a new parent or have a few kids in your tribe, finding new hacks is always great when it comes to children. We know that even the smallest hack can make the world of difference, and that’s why we’ve listed a few below. 

Coloring Box 

Have you ever bought something and you’re left with the cardboard box? Well, this is a great place for your kids to release their creativity. It makes a change to the constant telling that coloring belongs on paper and not on walls. It will also keep them busy for hours! 

Laundry Basket Bathtub 

To keep your child safer and to ensure that their toys don’t float too far away which can cause them to slip when trying to grab them, use a laundry basket in the bath. 

Old-Crib Craft Corner 

If you’re looking for a little DIY project, and your baby has outgrown their crib, you can turn it into a craft corner. This way, it even has some sentimental value as well. Simply add a white or black board to the base of the crib, take out one side so it looks like a desk and add some chairs. You can even add things to the side using sticky double-sided tape. 

Bucket Toy Storage 

Go to your local cheap store and grab a few buckets and some zip ties. Add them all together and you’ve got yourself a cool toy-storage. 

Bubble Wands That Don’t Spill 

Have you ever given your child a bubble wand and before you know it, the contents are on the floor and you struggle to mop it up because of the bubbles? Well, we have the hack for you. If you have a post outside your house, strap the bottles to it with some tape, and this will help to avoid your child spilling bubbles everywhere. 

No-Drip Popsicle Cover 

Children can take their sweet time eating a popsicle, and if it’s warm outside (which it probably is if they’re eating popsicles), then they can melt quickly. However, if you use a cupcake case to push the popsicle stick through, you’ve got yourself a cover that will prevent sticky hands and dripping popsicles over the floors. 

Lunch Tray Track 

If you’ve got a fussy eater, or they take ages to eat, then this tray could be a life changer. It can also help with them eating fruit and vegetables as well. They follow each step of eating and then when they get to the finish line, they get a little treat. Perfect motivation for a child! 

Pacifier Container 

There is nothing worse than dropping a pacifier and having to wait until you’re home to sterilize it. It’s also frustrating when you’re losing more and more pacifiers every day. To prevent this from happening, you can use small takeout containers, even filling them with sterilizing fluid that will keep them clean. 

Marshmallow Ice Pack 

If you’re looking for an alternative to a hard ice pack to help with cuts, grazes and bruises, then a marshmallow ice pack might help. Simply fill a ziplock bag with marshmallows and put them in the freezer. They aren’t as hard or cold as your normal ice pack, but they’re soft and mushy instead. 

Safety Sticker

If you have a rebellious child that likes to run away whilst you’re packing or unpacking the car, then you might find the safety sticker a good shout. Add a handprint shaped sticker to the side of your car, and get your child to put their hand on it whilst waiting for you. It’s a great way of keeping them safe.