Keeping Up with the Kings and Queens: Bizarre Pregnancy Customs of the Royals!

By Krystal Brown

You might not even realize that there are royal pregnancy traditions that most of the royals choose to follow. Leaders from around the world send gifts. It’s obvious to think that fans around the world would send the royals gifts, but what about world leaders and influencers? It’s customary for this to happen. Back in 2013, when Prince George was born, there were 610 unofficial presents and gifts. 

They Don’t Do Baby Showers

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Baby showers are much more popular for moms in the USA, which is where Meghan Markle is from. However, in the UK, not so much. However, Meghan is the exception to the rule where she did attend a baby shower that was thrown for her in New York City when she was pregnant with her first child. 

Royal Dads Can Plan to be Hands-on

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It all began with William, who received unpaid paternity leave from the Royal Air Force when his wife, Catherine, gave birth to his two children, George and Charlotte. William then made the decision to focus on his royal duties full time. 

The Baby’s Sex is Kept Secret

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Most of the time, the Royals don’t learn their baby’s sex until the birth, and if they do, they definitely don’t broadcast it to the public. Harry and Meghan followed William and Kate’s example by remaining silent on the sex of their firstborn. However, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, they revealed the sex of their second child. 

Due Dates Aren’t Revealed Quickly

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Even though Kate was pregnant with Louie and suffering from pregnancy-related illness, she had to announce her pregnancy earlier than a royal usually would. However, no due date was given. The same happened with Meghan Markle when she was pregnant with her firstborn. The palace only announced the time of year that she was due rather than an actual due date. 

There is No Pregnancy Announcement Until Mom is 12 Weeks

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We are all aware that the safety time for a pregnancy is 12 weeks. This is when a royal will generally announce their pregnancy. As mentioned above, Kate’s pregnancy with Prince Louis was announced earlier than normal because of pregnancy-related illnesses. 

There is No Baby Formula for Royals

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It hasn’t been confirmed, but it is reported that Kate breastfed her children. Queen Elizabeth II breastfed as did Princess Diana. It is a longstanding tradition that breastfeeding beats formula. 

Travel is Limited

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Even though most of us are worried about travelling when pregnant, especially if we haven’t yet hit the 12 week safety mark, when a Royal is expecting, international travel is discouraged. 

There is No Official Surname for a Royal Baby

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Up until the 20th Century, royal babies had no last name, full stop. However, they are now known by the names of the countries they rule instead, so Will and Kate gave their kids “Cambridge” as their last name and Harry and Meghan use “Mountbatten-Windsor”. 

Cleavage is Forbidden

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At no point during an outing is it acceptable for a royal to show cleavage. This applies during pregnancy as well. It means that during pregnancy, high necklines and demure coats are worn due to the fact of body changes during this time. 

Royal Babies Need to Be Baptized

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It’s a non-negotiable rule that all royal babies need to be christened. This is such a tradition that they even have christening gowns that they must wear. 

Any Pregnancy Related Illnesses Are Made Public

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During her pregnancies, Kate has had to make public announcements that she is experiencing an illness. This has happened with all three of her pregnancies due to morning sickness. During a press release, it was said, “Her condition is very acute morning sickness, which may require supplementary hydration, medication and nutrients.” 

The Town Crier Announces the Birth

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This is a very old tradition that dates back to Medieval England. The town crier will stand outside of the hospital and formally announce the details of the royal birth to the crowds that gather. The birth announcement is also displayed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace.


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