10 Remarkable Qualities in Men That Earn Instant Respect from Women

By Krystal Brown

When it comes to being the perfect man, if there is such a thing, women believe that these 10 things will instantly gain respect. 

Sticking to Boundaries

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Being in a relationship is great and spending time with one another is top of your list of things to do but even the most loved-up couples need their own space. A man who respects a woman’s boundaries and does it constantly overstep is to be admired. When a man is too suffocating and does not allow his partner to have time to herself or does not understand the word ‘no’, he is going to struggle in a long-term relationship. 

Willing to Work on Their Mistakes

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None of us are perfect and when we can admit to that we become better people. Men who can shake off the stereotypes of being correct and macho are very attractive to women. There is nothing more frustrating than a man who will not admit that they are wrong and it gets to the point of constant arguments rather than him admitting that he has made a mistake. 

Emotionally Attentive

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A man who can be present both physically and emotionally is a winner in the eyes of many women. Far too many men still believe that it is not fitting for them to openly show their emotions, even in front of their partner. To be in a fully rewarding relationship, a woman needs to know that a man is open and honest about how they are feeling and can comfort her when she needs support. 

Treats Other Women Respectfully

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You can always tell how genuine a person is by the way they interact with other people and when it comes to men talking to or about women, it is important to be respectful. When women see and hear men being unkind to other women, whether it be talking about them inappropriately or joking about them, they are instantly turned off. When you witness poor behavior that men show towards other women the man will likely display similar traits in a romantic relationship.


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A man who encourages his partner to follow her dreams, whether that be in her career or on a personal level, can offer an amazing partnership. Women do not suddenly forget about their ambitions when they enter a relationship but so many men expect the women in their lives to take a back seat while they look after a home and a family, which is not always what a woman wants. 

Enjoy Spending Time With Family

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The way a man interacts with his family is very important to most women as it demonstrates care and empathy. Seeing a man play football with his nieces and nephews or showing respect for his Grandparents is very endearing to women as it shows signs of what a life together may look like. 


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The ability to relate to how other people are feeling, which includes understanding when he needs to adapt his behavior, is something that most women would want to experience with a man. Being empathetic means taking time to listen, understand and act on the needs of people around you. Sometimes there is no right answer to give people when they are in distress or feeling low, but being there for them when they do need you is enough. 


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As well as gaining the respect of women, a man should respect himself if he wants to be the best that he can be. When a man does not look after himself physically and mentally he is not going to like himself, never mind expecting women to like him. Self-respect can come in the form of taking timeouts to allow for good self-care, good grooming, having boundaries, giving yourself goals to motivate you, and much more. 


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When women talk about wanting a man who can provide stability it is not necessarily expecting a man to rescue them and take care of them, it is about them being someone they can rely on. When a man can look after himself, as we have spoken about above, he can support and look after others. A woman does not want to make plans to date a man who constantly lets them down or cannot be financially reliable, for example. As a woman enters a long-term relationship she wants to know that she will feel secure and relaxed and not wonder what will happen day to day. 

Not Being a Victim

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Blaming others for things that go wrong and looking for excuses as to why goals have not been met, are not good traits in men. Women want a man to stand up for themselves, admit when they have made a mistake, and vow to change the aspects of their life that are not going so well. When men stop playing the victim they will automatically gain more respect from women.

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