12 Popular Purchases That Are Nothing Short of Daylight Robbery

By Krystal Brown

Everything is expensive these days but the price tags on these 12 items are nothing short of scandalous.

1. College Textbooks

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Students are likely to be the people with the least amount of disposable money yet the cost of college books is extortionate. We know they can be handed down to people who are willing to buy second hand but, seriously, put the course material online already! There is indeed much hard work that goes into researching and publishing the material in the text but splashing out for a book that costs the same as a week of food shopping is enough to make us cry.

2. Gym Memberships

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If you want to use the best equipment and have the body that you desire then you do need to splash out but the cost of a gym membership can often be one of the highest outgoing for people. If gym memberships were more reasonably priced more people would sign-up and gyms would retain more clients.

3. Bottled Water

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In most places drinking water is safe yet people pay hundreds of dollars a month for bottled water. Add in the fact that most bottled water uses plastic, drinking bottled water is double the crime. With a focus on the environment, it is hoped that at least there will be a reduction in the amount of plastic used for bottled water.

4. Frappuccinos

Iced Coffee
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Loaded with syrup and frothy milk, is there any quality coffee in a frappuccino? Instagram’s favorite drink may look great and may taste OK but does it warrant the high price tag?

5. Diamonds

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Diamonds are without a doubt beautiful and they have been the symbol of love for generations with engagement rings, diamond bracelets, and precious necklaces being given out to men and women around the world. Despite the high price tags diamonds bring they are not as rare as some precious stones yet due to demand the diamond industry feels they can charge what they want.

6. Weddings

bride dancing at wedding
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A bouquet of flowers you picked up on sale from your local florist is 50 dollars but the same bunch when you order for a wedding is $200. The same goes for cake, drinks, pieces of cloth, and every other ‘must have’ wedding item. The average cost of a wedding in the US is an eye-watering $30,000 and we can think of a lot of things we would rather spend her money on.

7. Medical Costs

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Even with medical insurance the price of being sick is enough to make us even sicker. When we are in pain we will do anything to make us feel better but when the bill comes through afterwards we truly know what pain is. This can often lead to people not getting the medical attention they need which can be very dangerous.

8. Parking Fines

Man driving car
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There is nothing worse than arriving back at your car after a nice day out to see you have been handed a parking ticket. While it may be your fault for not following the parking rules, the ridiculously high fines are a step too far. High parking fees are in place as a deterrent and more people would park wherever they want if they were lower but we are not sure that companies understand the hardship some families are going through.

9. Designer Furniture

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We all want our home to look nice but when a designer chair costs more than one month’s pay packet most of us are destined for a room full of IKEA furniture. For the price we have to pay for designer furniture, we expect it to come alive in Beauty and The Beast style to clean out the home.

10. Cell Phones

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Just when we feel content with our sparkly new cell phone along comes the latest design with an even more extortionate price tag than the year before. We are wooed with a better camera feature, larger screen, or added security but in reality, do we benefit by being out of pocket by a further 1000 dollars?

11. High Fashion

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Most people can only dream of buying designer fashion and the closest they will get to wearing it will be trying it on in a store when the snooty customer service assistant is in a good mood. It is hard not to acknowledge the superior materials and more ethical production of clothing in some fashion houses but should we be paying more for a dress than we do on our yearly energy bill?

12. Funeral Bills

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When we are grieving we are likely to be at our lowest point yet we are met with funeral salesmen who will try and up-sell everything from the material of the coffin to the spread used on sandwiches for the wake. Leaving our loved ones with a huge funeral bill is a terrifying thought but when there is no other choice but to pay there is not a lot we can do.

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