10 Professions Declared Off-Limits for Marriage by Individuals. Would You?

By Krystal Brown

Ever wondered if certain jobs are just a no-go zone when it comes to tying the knot?  We’re going to look at 10 professions that some folks have straight-up said, “No way, not marrying into that!” Think you’d feel the same way? Stick around as we unravel the mystery!

1. Mortician 

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The social stigma around this profession highlights the reason people admit they would never marry into it. The discourse around death is a difficult one for some people. They find it hard to talk about it, let alone have a spouse that deals with it daily. The emotionally demanding nature of this job also adds to some people’s objection to marrying a mortician. Morticians have to console the grieving families, which might be emotionally crushing for them. Most people might not want to marry someone who has to handle sadness and grief daily. 

2. Exotic Dancers

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There is a perceived lack of respect associated with this job. It is a general belief that exotic dancing is not a respectable profession. This opinion relies on the demeaning perspective that exotic dancers are only there to sell their bodies to make money. Most people can not handle the prospect of their woman interacting with various men in their work. Even if an exotic dancer is faithful, the perception of infidelity attached to this line of profession triggers insecurity around them. Against this backdrop, many people classify exotic dancers as part of professions they can not marry into. 

3. Social Media Influencer 

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Social media influencing is an attention-seeking profession that requires constant show off and other means to stamp their authority on social media. Most people have recorded their opinions on why they can’t marry a social media influencer. People see the profession as superficial and vapid, more concerned with their appearance and what they put out for their social media audience. This is off-putting for most people who are looking forward to building their family around someone genuine and down-to-earth. 

4. Lawyer 

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No one wants an adversarial spouse. This is apparent in the option of people against marrying a lawyer because they exhibit argumentative tendencies. The fact that lawyers are trained to win arguments plays at their disadvantage when not in court. Whenever they are at home, it is instinctive to try to win every argument, which can portray them as more conflicting and competitive. Additionally, most people see lawyers as workaholics who place their professional careers at the expense of their personal lives.

5. Stand-up Comedian

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Stand-up comedians are supposed to be in the category of the most likable individuals people want to get on with. But the reverse is the case when it comes to marrying them. People cite the risky public lifestyle they live as one of the reasons they would never marry a stand-up comedian. Maintaining any semblance of privacy in your marital life can be difficult when you have someone swarmed around by fans and people in the entertainment industry. Another thing is the propensity of stand-up comedians to make jokes on sensitive topics, which might be triggering for someone that doesn’t share the same sense of humor. 

6. Police Officer 

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Police officers are mostly controversial and target of criticism and public scrutiny. This can be tough for anyone to deal with. People have seen through the grey areas surrounding this job which places them in the thin blue line of order and chaos. Another factor that shapes people’s perception of this profession is the dangerous and demanding nature of the job. Police officers are often deployed to handle hazardous situations like robbery, violence, riots, etc. And most times, they must work long hours, be on alert to prevent any uprising and uphold laws and order. These can be off-putting for those that can not handle the possibility of seeing their spouse in the danger zone or have one that can not maintain a work-life balance.

7. Politician

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Politicians are the master of games and differing priorities. Their tricky style and political career over family can be overwhelming for their partners. It is not always a bad precedent to do so in the political space. Still, most of the time, this attitude creeps into their personal life, making anyone associated with them uncomfortable. The joy of marriage is to have your spouse around you. This is impossible with politicians who work long hours, jeopardizing the marriage. Another issue is that of public scrutiny that politicians are often subjected to. This can be intrusive for many who want their life under the radar without public interference. These are why many people admit they would never marry a politician.

8. Zookeeper 

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There are no hard feelings if anyone hesitates to marry a zookeeper. The issue of low wages, considering the amount of education and training the profession requires, is alarming and prevents most people from marrying them. Another problem of unpredictable work schedules can take your spouse from your grasp by day or night, even during the weekend. And lastly, the dangerous work environment exposes zookeepers to the possibility of being attacked by wild animals if care is not taken. No one wants to marry someone that’s surrounded by this unpredictability. Therefore it’s safe to say zookeepers might have difficulty finding a spouse. 

9. Flight Attendant 

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Generally, Flight attendants are a beauty to behold for any man. But there are so many blowbacks that come with marrying one. One such is their glamorized images that place them at the jaws of many men who would want to have things done with them. This can be challenging for their spouse and trigger his insecurity. Secondly, there is also the problem of long hours of travel that takes them away from home for days or weeks. This makes it hard for them to spend quality time with their spouse and maintain a healthy marriage. The above-stated reason makes it a less desirable profession for wedding by some people. 

10. Models 

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Models are perceived to be superficial and materialistic, which makes people believe that they are a risky proposition for marriage. Of course, that is not far from the truth if you look at a model’s lifestyle. Models are more inclined to watch after their bodies to be overtly attractive to achieve the best fit for the style they promote. Additionally, there is also the fear of infidelity. Models are expected to be beautiful. They are mostly surrounded by attractive people and court attention from fans; this can be problematic for their partner, who might feel insecure about them. 

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