Preschool Mom Accused of Packing Her Son “Disgusting” Lunches By Racist Teacher

By Emma Williams

An angry mom was looking for support in her battle with her son’s preschool teacher over his lunch. The 34-year-old mom told fans of Reddit that she got a very rude call from her son’s teacher telling her that the lunch she is packing for her son is “disgusting” and “inappropriate.” 

The Call Was Curt

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The woman said the teacher “made absolutely no effort to sound kind” when she said her son’s lunches had an “unpleasant odor” and they were “distracting for the other students.” The mom was shocked by the teacher’s tone as they had previously had a good relationship. She told the teacher that she understands her concern as the lunches are not the healthiest, but they are what her son likes to eat. 

A Mixed Lunch

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The mom explained that a typical lunch for her son would be clever sticks and blue cheese goat’s cheese, kimchi, spam, and spicy Doritos marinated in Siracha. The Korean mom explained that she knew that she should not send Doritos but said she tried not to put too many in the bag. 

The Mom Ended the Call Amicably

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The mom ended the call with the teacher, saying that she appreciated her feedback but that she would not drastically change her son’s lunch “all of a sudden.” She said it was not her son’s fault that other children were distracted by his meal. The most important thing was that her son enjoyed his lunches, and he did not go hungry. 

The Mom Received an Email

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The teacher was not pleased with the mom’s response and sent an email to say that she was not happy with the OP’s response to her call. The teacher is insisting that the mom change the lunches she makes for her son as the ones she does send are “just too inappropriate to be sent to school any longer.” The mom was confused as to what the next step should be, so she turned to online users for help. 

Report to the Principal 

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The first advice was for the mom to report the teacher to the principal. They said, “Report her to the principal. Her comments regarding your son’s food are “disgusting” and “have an unpleasant tone.” Some people went further to say these comments were racist, with one saying, “What the teacher said is racist and culturally insensitive. Kimchi isn’t going to hurt anyone.”

A Predictable Response

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For many online users, the headline made it obvious that the teacher was going to say something inappropriate. One person said, “How much would I bet OP is not white, and the teacher objected to food from their culture.” One teacher on the thread agreed that the teacher was wrong, saying, “Teachers and schools like this are overstepping.”

A Normal Lunch

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Many readers insisted that the food that she was sending was perfectly fine. One person said, “Your son’s food is perfectly normal. For a 5 year old. Your family’s food is normal. “ There were lots of stories about smelly food, but none that had a racist undertone. For this, the woman was told she “ can thank her for the email where she helpfully literally put her possibly racist thoughts in writing so you can just forward that or screenshot that right onto them.”

Some Korean Readers Agreed with the Teacher

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There was some empathy with the teacher and the other kids from a Korean reader who said, “Well I am Korean and I wouldn’t send my kids to school with kimchi. That thing smells.” There were, however, descriptions of double standards in that people questioned if the teacher would complain if it were a tuna sandwich or an egg salad. 

People Wondered Where the Family Lived

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One reader suggested the mom was from a region that was not used to aromatic food. They suggested, “Most Midwestern food barely has a scent, and when it does it’s savory. Sharp, spicy, and vinegar-based aromatics upset people around here.” This comment got a lot of heat from readers who said this attitude was just as bad as the teachers and that “you can appreciate other cuisines without trashing others.” 

The Teacher’s Attitude Was the Main Issue

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One reader thought that it was okay that people were offended by the smell, saying, “Normal food but likely pretty stinky. In my school or workplaces, the kimchi or blue cheese, if eaten in a crowded area, would have probably merited a mild “Please don’t send strong smelling foods to school/eat them in the work break room.” Others agreed that the teacher could have handled the situation a lot better. 

The mom was ultimately told, “You should ask the principal if you need to escalate the issue to the school board or if she’ll deal with the teacher herself. You deserve an answer.”

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