16 Unforeseen Political Controversies Sparked by 16 American Decisions

By Krystal Brown

We look at 16 of the most controversial things Americans have done that created a huge debate. 

Wearing Nikes

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At one time, Nike was all about wearing the best pair of trainers so you could have a game of basketball or go for a run. However, wearing Nike products is controversial these days as the company has run into issues with how they treat their staff. There have long been accusations of people working in awful conditions in sweatshops for very little pay. 

Choosing Timberland Boots

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Like Nike, choosing to wear reliable Timberland boots did not require a second thought, but now things are complicated. Now there are many political consequences to wearing Timberlands after their CEO aired racist views that proved very controversial.

Drinking Bud Light

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A can of Bud Light and a night out with friends was once as laid-back as possible, but fast forward a few years, and choosing the drink is controversial. Opening a can of bud now is like opening a can of worms, and you best be prepared for a debate about trans rights when you do so. 

Riding A Rat Rod

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The Rat Rod is brimming with nostalgia, reminding people of everything they love about vintage motorcars. However, riding the Rat Rod brings a world of political opinion and causes much division. People often have ideas about the style, capability, and political messages hanging a Rat Rod brings. 

Critical Race Theory

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The academic subject of critical race theory aimed to enlighten people on different structures within society but is now a hot topic of debate. Political opponents often have to give an opinion on race theory as part of their election campaigns, and it is fair to say that the subject has led to many stand-offs. 

Skin Color

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Regardless of our appearance, we should all be given equal opportunities and experience the same benefits. However, political parties are great at causing division and omitting different communities against one another. At the same time, there is more equality than ever before; a lot of work still needs to be done. 


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Whether discovering the latest theories behind the black hole or how to cure cancer, science is one of the earth’s most politically volatile disciplines. Everyone has an opinion on what is scientific proof which leads to lots of disagreements between governments and everyday people. 


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To be in love with whoever you are attracted to should be one of the most excellent things you experience, but it is not always straightforward. Sexual orientation has entered the political debate for many years, with people arguing over the right for gay people to be married, for example. Everyone has an opinion on who people should and should not love, which seems dumb when most of the time, it has nothing to do with anyone else who two people are dating. 

Talking to Strangers

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Chatting to a stranger when you are out and about should be an everyday occurrence that is eternally innocent. Lately, it seems that people will always have political opinions and likely end up in some argument, which puts a downer on things. 


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The vaccine debate has gained significant ground during Covid, with some people arguing that they are dangerous and others insisting anti-vaxxers are dumb. This is one political; a debate that will not go away anytime soon. 

Gun Control

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The right to own a gun is one of the most controversial debates in America and the rest of the world. With gun lobbyists on one side and the rest of the world on the other, it can be a very tricky conversation once you get into the gun control debate. 


Student with books
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Books can transport readers to many beautiful places, but only some think this should be true. Some states ban certain books, and others do not do enough to encourage books for all, both of which are very sad. 


Iced Coffee
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Once, we would never dream that coffee could cause a political debate, but it seems it has. There are many debates over what type of coffee to drink, which is the most ethical, and whether stores should sell coffee in disposable cups. Everything is political. 


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Cat and dog lovers will debate until the cows come home about what pet is best. Fans of both pets will get political in the debate about which pets are most ethical to house, often ignoring the joy that both animals bring. 


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We once considered our choice of vacation in terms of where we could afford to go and whether we wanted a beach or a lakeside vacation. These days, whether or not to go on holiday has political consequences as people are encouraged to be conscious of their carbon footprint. 

Phone Brands

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Apple versus Android is a political debate that nobody saw coming. A gadget should not cause so much controversy, but choosing one brand over the other makes a political statement. This is different for phones, as our choice to buy many brands tells the world where our allegiances are.

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