From Bad to Worse: A Collection of Husbands’ Unforgettable Facepalm-Inducing Phrases

By Krystal Brown

Navigating relationships and marriages inevitably involves encountering moments where we struggle to accept or appreciate everything our spouse says. However, there are certain phrases that truly make us cringe, leaving us wishing they had never been uttered. This post aims to shed light on the cringe-inducing remarks husbands have made to their wives, as shared by frustrated women who took to Reddit to vent their grievances.

Not All Men

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In the thread, many women shared their frustrations about this phrase. One lady commented, “This phrase typically gets used under a deeply misguided impression of what a conversation is about.” Another woman said, “This almost invariably comes up in situations where nobody has claimed it’s all men.”

You Sound Like Your Mother

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We know that a comment about your mother is going to hit us right in the gut. One woman said, “I think my husband has used this maybe once in the 10 years we’ve been together. I know it pi***d me off. I think I was so mad I turned red.”

You Don’t Need Makeup

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When we make an effort, we want to be told that we look nice, not that we don’t need it. It was our choice to put the makeup on, and one woman said, “like duh, sir. We know. But we like it! Let us live.”


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There is nothing more frustrating than something bothering us and our husband telling us to just ‘relax’. Well yes, if you didn’t spend your time stressing us out, then maybe we could relax. A woman said, “Could you please just calm down?” Which is another phrase which really winds us up.

Cheer Up, It Might Never Happen

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Similar to the above one, we don’t need to be told to cheer up when we’re sad. We need to be comforted and given lots of chocolate to bring us out of it. There is nothing worse than feeling rubbish and being told to just ‘cheer up’, as if it’s that easy and there’s a switch that can turn it on and off.

You Should Smile More

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We all know that some of us have a resting face, and we cannot help this. Sometimes, we don’t even notice that our face just looks like we’ve been slapped. However, pointing it out isn’t going to make us feel better, instead, it just makes us cringe. One woman said, “This makes me want to lock eyes with the idiot and give them my creepiest smile. Be careful what you wish for.”

When Will Dinner Be Ready?

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Okay, so first off, we’re not your mother. We are choosing to cook you a nice meal, whether it takes 30 minutes or 3 hours. It will be ready, when it’s ready. It makes us cringe and wants us to give up cooking, maybe we should sit back and relax whilst it burns on the stove. One woman gave some good advice in regards to this phrase. “Ditch them if they won’t make dinner themselves. It’s not worth it. Instead, teach them how to cook. You’re not a 1950’s housewife. You’re not a servant. You’re not a slave.” Preach!

I’ll Do It Later

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Many women plan their day around chores, and when we need to do a chore, we tend to get it done as soon as we think of it. However, when we ask our husbands to do something and they hit us with this phrase, we know that it won’t get done later, and we will never understand why things don’t get done when we ask.

Did You Say Something?

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No, sorry, we didn’t say anything, we just opened our mouths and silence came out. Yes, we said something and it’s frustrating that you don’t listen to us when we speak. We don’t want to repeat ourselves like we would with children.

Is It Your Time of the Month?

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This is probably one of the worst comments to make, especially if it’s true. It makes us cringe and infuriates us. One woman made a comment about this phrase, which was, “Sometimes I need reminding that my hormones are funky at the moment.”

Boys Will Be Boys

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We have all heard this phrase at one point or another. It’s a very poor excuse for bad behaviour, and really makes us cringe. One woman said, “This one grinds my gears so bad. A boy misbehaved towards me in high school, and I was so p*ssed I told the teachers. I chatted with him and the teacher, and after a while, I saw his face change; he realized what he had done was wrong. Just as we shook hands, the teacher went, “but you know what boys are like…”

Make Me a Sandwich

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Again, we are not your mother. You know where the bread is, and whatever you want inside, just go into the kitchen and make it yourself. One woman explained just how cringey and frustrating this phrase is by saying, “If I hear this, I’m smacking the person with the bread and the lunch meat.”

Using the Word “Females” to Describe Women

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We know how frustrating and annoying this comment can be, especially when we’re women and it’s used in the wrong manner. One woman on Reddit said, “these females are so crazy” “females these days…”. Not only are you using it grammatically incorrect, but it also makes you look like a sexist pr*ck and is an immediate red flag.”

Stop Being So Emotional

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Well, thank you so much. I feel a lot better now… Not! Whether we realize we’re overreacting or not by the end of our emotional phase, we don’t want to be told to stop being emotional. It might be better to actually listen to why we’re emotional in the first place and offer us support by validating our feelings instead of calling us out.

It’s Because I’m a Man

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Being a man does not stop you from doing basic chores, or being a decent person. There is nothing more frustration than a man using his gender as an excuse. One woman on Reddit said, “because I’m a GUY” and she went on to explain that this is an “excuse for not knowing how to do things when in reality they just don’t want to learn.”

Pretty Good for a Girl

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As women, we cannot stand being patronized. It makes us feel unworthy and a bit cringed. We will always put our hand to anything, and we always try our best. One woman said, “People get shocked when one of the females changes a tire or does something simple like change the oil.” We can do much more than men think we can.

Men Are More Logical

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It isn’t just women who are more emotional, men can be too, and we know that women can be logical as well as work within industries that aren’t solely reliant on men. It is not okay to say either of these things.

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