From Loyal Companions to Deadly Predators: 10 Pets Who Took a Dark Turn and Consumed Their Owners

By Krystal Brown

It is risky and potentially dangerous to own exotic pets, or animals that are best known in the wild. In the best case, we know that an exotic animal could be living in the wrong habitat, which can cause complications in itself. However, worst case scenarios have happened when the animals turn on their owners, regardless of how long they’ve been in each other’s lives. 

Mark Voegal 

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Neighbours of Mark complained about an horrendous smell that was coming from his apartment. When police arrived to check it out, they said it was like a horror film. He was found draped over the couch covered in spider webs, and it was found that the cause of death was a bite from the black widow spider. There were spiders crawling all over his cobweb-covered flesh and reptiles had ripped off pieces of his flesh whilst black widows carried the rotting flesh to their webs. 

Pam Weaver 

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This is an unusual story that merits inclusion for its peculiar nature. Pam Weaver, an avid animal enthusiast, was gifted a camel for companionship. While she was occupied in the kitchen, the camel displayed inappropriate behaviour towards Pam, causing her to fall to the ground. Tragically, the camel proceeded to behave in a way that resulted in her passing. It wasn’t until later in the evening when Pam’s husband returned home from work that her body was discovered.

Marius Els 

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Marius had raised a pet hippopotamus called Humphrey since he was only five months old. Els stated that Humphrey was ‘like a son’ to him. However, one day, Humphrey attacked Marius and his mutilated body was found submerged in the river. 

Lots of Venomous Pet Snakes 

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A woman shared up to nine poisonous snakes, a dozen other less dangerous snakes, alligators and lizards. In 2004, she was bitten by one of her snakes that happened to be a venomous urutu pit viper. When she was bitten, she managed to drive herself to hospital and then remained in critical condition before she eventually passed away. 

Charla Nash

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Charla’s best friend Sandra had a 200lb chimpanzee who she had domesticated. The chimp was called Trevor and Charla had known him for 10 years. However, one day he had escaped and Sandra rang Charla for assistance. But when Charla arrived, Travis went on a rampage and started to rip her face off. She survived but it has taken years for Nash to recover from the accident. 

Kelly Ann Walz 

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Whilst Kelly was cleaning her 350 pound bear’s cage, she was attacked. It wasn’t long before she was killed. Kelly tried to distract the bear by throwing dog food to the other side, however, it didn’t work, and her children and neighbours children witnessed the whole attack before the neighbour shot the bear. When the bear was shot, he was still on top of Walz.

Harry and Sally 

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A 51 year old man shot himself in the face and as he was unable to feed his two pug dogs Harry and Sally, they began to eat his face, torso and brain. There was no evidence of blood or tissue on the dogs that showed that they’d eaten their owner, but there was no other explanation. The dogs were taken to the local humane society where the dogs were able to be adopted despite the traumatising month they were exposed to. 

Shaianna Hare 

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In 2011, a mother and step-father owned a snake, but they were unable to afford to feed the pet. The last meal that the python ate before it strangled a 2 year old to death, was a month earlier. The snake was also stored in an unsuitable enclosure. It was after the death of the 2 year old that the parents were charged with manslaughter. 

Cynthia Lee Gamble 

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Cynthia operated the ‘Center for Endangered Cats’ and she ended up being mauled and killed by one of the tigers that she owned as a pet. This happened due to her being accidentally locked in the cage. There were two other cats in the enclosure at the time of the attack. 

James Little 

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At the age of 61, James went to bed for a nap and woke up to his Shiba Inu dog eating his toes. The dog had actually consumed his toes before James woke up and noticed. It’s possible that James didn’t feel anything because he suffered from loss of sensation due to diabetes. Believe it or not, the dog was actually doing what it knows best as some breeds of dog will chew off infected toes to help remove diseased flesh. 

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