10 IRRITATINGLY Personal Questions Women Are Constantly BOMBARDED With While Men Are Spared

By Krystal Brown

In the journey towards gender equality, women frequently encounter exasperating personal inquiries that are seldom posed to men. Whether addressing new mothers, women participating in TV interviews, or those navigating the realm of dating, these 10 questions contribute to the perpetuation of stereotypes.

When Are You Having Children?

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It seems that women are barely out of school and people start to ask them when they are having children. We have noticed this so many times while watching celebs being interviewed on TV and closer to home with friends and family members. In breaking news, not all women want to have children and often those that do struggle to get pregnant. Not only is this a rude question it is also an insensitive one that would never be pointed in the direction of men. If women do choose to have a child the quizzing does not end there as the question then turns into “When are you having more children?”

Do You Regret Having A Career and No Children?

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Once a woman is past child-bearing age the question changes from “When are you having children ?” to “Do you regret not having children?”. Once again, it may come as a shock but some women, like men, want a strong career and children are not a factor in their lives. Proposing that someone has regrets in their life is very presumptuous and, quite frankly, none of your business.

Are All of Your Children From The Same Father?

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We are sat open-mouthed just at the thought of someone asking this offensive question. Think about a man being asked this question and the chances are the image would not cross your mind as it just wouldn’t happen.

Is Your Husband Babysitting?

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Moms do not ‘babysit’ their own children, they take care of them all day, every day. If a man is left alone with his children then he too is not ‘babysitting’. Just as being asked if they are babysitting their children would offend a woman so would asking if their husband is babysitting.

Are you on Your Period?

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Ok, so we know that not everyone has periods but we do take annoyance at the fact that any sign of a woman becoming emotional or standing up for herself in a more assertive tone is asked if she is menstruating. If a woman does happen to be facing some emotional difficulties at the time of her period then she is perfectly entitled to do so without her actions being questioned.

Do You Live Alone?

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We cannot think of another reason why a person would ask a woman this question other than wanting to hit on her or scare the wits out of her. All this question does is raise a red flag and give women a reason to suspect that you may not be who you say you are.

Have you Put on Weight?

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More people should pay attention to the phrase “If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all”. It seems some people got the memo when it comes to men but feel it is still ok to say this to women who may appear to look a little different than they did 5 years ago!

Why Don’t You Smile More

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If one phrase infuriates women more than any other it is “just smile”. Women do not owe it to men to smile at them and we doubt very much a man would receive this question very well. Usually, if a man is asking you this question it will be because he or people like him has made her feel this way.

Did You Ask Your Husband for Permission?

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Excuse me, did you say that? Newsflash, this is 2023 and women do not need permission from their husbands or any other man to do something that they want to do. Say “Did you ask your wife for permission?” out loud and see how that feels to you.

Is Your Husband Home?

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“Is your husband home?” This is a question that can usually be heard when a workman knocks at the door asking if you want odd jobs done or if there is important ‘man business’ to discuss. We hate to break it to you men but women can also purchase plumbing services and say yes to investing in new DIY tools. If you are reading this list, our advice would be to take note of what questions not to ask a woman next time she is in your company.

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