Unraveling Connections: 12 Underlying Reasons Your Partner May Be Emotionally Distancing

By Krystal Brown

Have you started feeling emotionally distant from your partner? If so, here are some possible reasons.


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Stress affects everyone differently and while some people may be able to separate their stress from their loved ones, others may not be. If your partner is experiencing challenging situations that are causing stress, it might be accompanied by an emotional withdrawal from the relationship.

Consider whether there is something in their work or personal life that may be weighing heavily on their mind. If so, they may be struggling to open up.

Communication Issues

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Do you blow a fuse every time your partner raises an issue with you? Then you are most likely the reason your partner is emotionally distancing themselves from you. People often avoid engaging with people who cannot communicate effectively and resolve conflict amicably.

This might cause your partner to suppress their emotions which can be incredibly damaging to your relationship. 

Personal Problems

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Everyone, regardless of how perfect their life seems, has their own emotional baggage. It’s important to recognize that your partner has their own feelings and trauma to work through. The best you can do is support them and remind them that you are in their corner.

For example, they may be dealing with something they are embarrassed about and don’t want you to think less of them. It’s important to remind them that you’ll be there to support them no matter what.

Trust Issues

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If your partner has been cheated on or hurt in previous relationships, this might cause them to emotionally distance themselves to avoid going through that pain again.

It’s important to reassure your partner and work together to address any insecurities. With that being said, it is also important that your partner works on healing themselves. You cannot move forward while being anchored to the past.

Loss of Attraction

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Now, this one is going to hurt, but sometimes your partner may no longer be physically or emotionally attracted to you.

Relationships go through ebbs and flows, and it is likely that this loss of attraction will not last. If it does last, your best option would be to walk away from the relationship. You deserve to be loved correctly. It’s important to remember that this is one of many possible reasons.

Feeling Overwhelmed

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Everyone feels overwhelmed when they have a lot on their plate. Your partner may emotionally distance themselves because they are not coping. Either they do not want to burden you with their problems, or they feel like you are one of the reasons that they are feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to communicate with your partner and address the root of their feelings.

Lack of Independence

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This goes without saying, but your partner is not an extension of you. Your partner may be emotionally withdrawn because they feel like they have lost themselves in the relationship. Be sure to give your partner the freedom and space to explore who they are outside of your relationship.

Fear of Vulnerability

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We are all guilty of this at one point or another. Being vulnerable is incredibly scary especially when you have been hurt in the past. Make sure that you create a safe space for your partner to express their feelings.

Depression or Anxiety

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Mental health is at the forefront of our happiness. So, if your partner is struggling with their mental health, they are most likely unable to be emotionally present in the relationship. This situation requires patience and support as it is not easily solved. It is important to remember that most of our trauma stems from our childhoods and is often out of our control.

Lack of Connection

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Without emotional connection, our relationships feel ‘empty’ and devoid of love. Your partner might feel like they are unable to connect with you emotionally and are distancing themselves to avoid getting hurt.

It is easy to get caught up in our own lives but that does not mean that we should neglect our partners. Emotional intimacy needs to be cultivated and both parties need to make the effort to create intimacy.

External Interference

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Sometimes your partner’s friends or family may interfere in the relationship by telling your partner negative things about you. In most instances, this is because they simply do not like you. This might cause your partner to distance themselves to avoid conflict and to appease their loved ones.

That is why it is important to build good relationships with the people that are important to your partner. Otherwise, it might ultimately be the reason your relationship ends.

Unmet Needs

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Everyone has needs and when their needs are not met, they often end up feeling dissatisfied and emotionally withdrawn.

If you continuously make your partner feel like they are unseen and unheard, they will distance themselves to avoid getting disappointed every time you cannot meet their needs. A little bit of effort goes a long way!

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