15 Outrageously Dangerous Hobbies People Are Crazy Enough to Pursue

By Krystal Brown

Seeking an adrenaline rush and exhilaration, certain individuals challenge safety norms by partaking in incredibly perilous hobbies that defy conventional wisdom, leaving us astonished by their boldness.

Wingsuit Diving

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This sport is by far one the scariest on this list. What happens when skydiving isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for you? Add some wings so you can glide about until you feel like landing. The sport has an estimated one death per every 500 flights and is a very popular  sport for adrenaline junkies that are genuinely bored of skydiving. It takes tremendous skill and awareness to steer their whole body in midair, so for that I commend them.

Cave Diving

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The next group of adrenaline junkies have decided to take their hobbies in a completely different direction, under the sea. Another extremely outrageous and claustrophobic activity that involves a group of divers exploring deep underground caves that extend for miles on end. There are huge risks when taking this up as it requires an extremely calm individual because your oxygen is limited and as soon as you panic, your supplies will be used up quicker making the situation a lot worse. To add on that visibility is limited and a strong current might drag you deeper into the cave. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather wingsuit dive than pick this.

Fractal Burning

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This hobby is more of an artistic expression than an adrenaline seeking activity. It involves the use of high voltage electricity to burn amazing lighting or tree-like patterns into chemically treated wood. The results are really beautiful and it’s relatively simple to do. However, because of inexperienced crafters, there have been many life changing injuries and some extreme cases of death. So don’t try this one unless you are confident and have taken either advice from a professional or 100% know exactly what you’re doing. Never compromise on safety when using electricity as a medium! 

River Rafting

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A very popular sport whereby people board a raft and skillfully navigate their way through dangerous fast flowing rapids and large but narrow bodies of water. While the inherent risk levels are low, injury is common and if not careful you could lose control and face plant into sharp rocks. Always make sure to train yourself extensively and wear proper safety equipment before trying this extreme sport.

Bull Riding

Image Credit: dima_sidelnikov via DepositPhotos.com

This particular sport takes adrenaline to the extreme and involves riding a bull while it tries to launch you off aggressively. Its recent increase in popularity means more and more of these rodeo shows have started popping up all across the world with many appearing in America. Unfortunately this also means that injury rates have skyrocketed making the sport now 10 times more dangerous than American Football. Riders will often get trampled by the animal, with breaks in the back spine and face being the most dangerous injuries sustained.


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A very risky form of mountain climbing that sees people scaling massive mountains of ice and unstable snow. Risks include getting caught in avalanches, falling ice blocks and slips when climbers lose their footing. Many deaths have occurred because of this extreme sport with a lot of the bodies deemed unrecoverable as they are buried under large amounts of snow.

Climbing Mount Everest

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Mount Everest has always been a very popular tourist destination, with thousands coming to see the mountain every year and hundreds scaling its steep crevices. Unfortunately more often than not these same tourists fail to listen to their guides and unpredictable avalanches have caused many people to die or receive extreme injury. There are an estimated 200 unretrievable dead bodies still buried deep within the mountain that now serve as a reminder of the dangers that climbers are presented with.

Body Surfing

Woman shocked
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Body surfing is when normal surfers use their bodies instead of traditional buoyant boards to ride large waves. They literally let the wave take them and tend to only equip themselves with a pair of flippers for propulsion. It’s a relatively dangerous sport to partake in as you have little control over the direction you head in, which sometimes leads to people getting thrown into sharp reefs and rocks.

Hang Gliding

Image Credit: IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com

An extremely unpredictable hobby that largely relies on weather. Once you jump, the wind and skill of your navigator will predict whether or not you have a safe landing. Equipment malfunction is far too common, not to mention the low air pressure and high cliffs that also pose a significant danger for fliers. Around 1 in every 560 gliders perish before a safe landing leading to bodily injury and sometimes death.


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This unique sport was created for professional skiers who felt normal skiing wasn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for them. It involves jumping from a helicopter equipped with skis or snowboards and like anything that involves launching yourself out of a helicopter, is extremely dangerous. If they were to land awkwardly or miss time their jump, severe back injury and broken limbs are inevitable.

Running With the Bulls

Image Credit: Vadymvdrobot via DepositPhotos.com

Common in parts of Spain, Portugal and sometimes France, bull running is fairly fun to watch but extremely dangerous to take part in. The sport involves running in front of a number of bulls (typically 6), that are let loose in sanctioned parts of the city. Injury rates are relatively low but when they are sustained normally consist of punctured lungs or trampled and crushed bones. Many of these injuries have led to death after a short period making this hobby a very dangerous one.

Urban Exploration

Image Credit: scranrail via DepositPhotos.com

The exploration of man made structures often abandoned or cornered off. There are a few reasons why this dangerous hobby made this list. One being the undeniable risk and safety hazards, and the other being how down right spooky it is. First of all, these spooky buildings were blocked off for a reason, whether that was because of structural integrity, asbestos polluting the air or just because the owner wanted to. You could end up seriously ill, injured or in jail for trespassing if you decide to add this to the list of hobbies. There have been multiple instances where students and young adults have broken their spine falling multiple floors down. Is it really worth it?

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