12 OFFENSIVE Phrases Men Should Never Use When Speaking to WOMEN

By Krystal Brown

Discover the 12 most detrimental phrases that no man should ever utter to a woman, ensuring respectful and harmonious communication.

You’re Being Too Emotional/Irrational/Hysterical

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This phrase is a classic example of gaslighting, which is a form of psychological manipulation that makes someone doubt their feelings, thoughts, and reality. By dismissing a woman’s emotions as irrational or exaggerated, a man is implying that she is not capable of having a valid opinion or perspective and that he knows better than her. This can make a woman feel invalidated, frustrated, and insecure.

You Look Fine

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This phrase may seem harmless, but it can be very insulting to a woman who has put effort into her appearance or who is seeking a compliment from her partner. By saying “fine”, a man is implying that she looks mediocre, boring, or unremarkable and that he is not impressed or attracted by her. A woman may feel hurt, rejected, or unappreciated by this phrase.

Are You on Your Period?

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This phrase is often used by men to explain away a woman’s mood swings, anger, or sadness as if they are caused by hormonal fluctuations and not by legitimate reasons. This is not only disrespectful and sexist but also ignorant and inaccurate, as not all women experience the same symptoms during their menstrual cycle, and not all women have periods at all. 

You Should Smile More

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This is usually said by men to women who are strangers or acquaintances, as a way of flirting or making conversation. However, this is very intrusive and presumptuous, as it assumes that a woman owes a man a smile or a positive attitude, regardless of how she feels or what she is going through. 

You’re Not Like Other Girls

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This phrase may seem like a compliment, but it is a backhanded one, as it implies that there is something wrong with other girls and that being different from them is desirable. This phrase also suggests that a man has a narrow and stereotypical view of women and that he is judging them based on superficial criteria. Women can feel alienated, insulted, or pressured when they are told they are not like other girls.

Can I Speak to the Manager?

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This is often said by men to women who are in positions of authority or expertise, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, or business owners. By asking to speak to the manager, a man is implying that he does not trust or respect the woman’s qualifications, skills, or decisions and that he wants to talk to someone who he thinks is more competent or powerful than her. A woman can feel undermined, disrespected, or discriminated against when addressed this way unless it is used in an official setting.

You’re Too Skinny/Fat

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This phrase is an example of body shaming, which is the act of criticizing someone’s appearance based on unrealistic or subjective standards of beauty. By commenting on a woman’s weight, a man is implying that she does not fit his preferences or ideals and that she should change her body to please him. This phrase can make a woman feel insecure, ashamed, or unhappy with her body.

That’s a Man’s Job

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This is an example of sexism, which is the belief that one gender is superior or inferior to another based on stereotypes or prejudices. By saying that something is a man’s job, a man is implying that a woman is not capable of doing it because of her gender and that he has the right to decide what roles and tasks are appropriate for her.

Calm Down

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This phrase is often used by men to silence or dismiss a woman who is expressing her feelings or opinions assertively or passionately. By telling her to calm down, a man is implying that she is overreacting or being unreasonable and that he does not want to listen to her or engage with her.

You’re Too Good for Me

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This may seem like an expression of humility or admiration, but it can be very manipulative and harmful to a woman. By saying that he is unworthy of her, a man is putting her on a pedestal, which can create an unhealthy power dynamic in the relationship. He is also putting the burden of responsibility on her, as he may expect her to reassure him, boost his ego, or fix his problems. 

You Wouldn’t Understand; It’s a Man’s Thing

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The phrase perpetuates gender stereotypes and limits women’s involvement. It undermines individuality and perpetuates a culture that excludes women from traditionally male-dominated fields. Recognizing diverse experiences, knowledge, and skills is essential for a more equitable and respectful society.

Why Are You Still Unmarried?

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Actually, you’re accepting the incredibly sexist notion that a woman’s lack of a partner is the reason she’s single. If I’m so attractive, intelligent, or fantastic, it stands to reason that I’m unmarried because I’m choosy and have the means to be. 

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