12 Odd Things That People Confess to Finding Irresistibly Attractive

By Krystal Brown

We all have our preferences when it comes to dating but some things that people find attractive are just plain odd, as we see in this list. 

Crooked Teeth

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If you are worried about your teeth being misaligned or perhaps you have a gap in your teeth that could not be corrected, don’t worry. As it turns out, lots of men and women are attracted to people with crooked teeth. We love how some people embrace the imperfections that are in us all and love that people are enjoying all types of smiles. 

Bald Heads

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Forget long flowing locks, some people love to see a woman with a bald head. We already know that many women find men with bald heads attractive but now we know that some unique men love a woman who is not afraid to be hair-free. The confidence and self-assertiveness that women display when having bald hair is what makes it so attractive according to men. 


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Geek chic is all the rage with some men and women and nerds are pretty popular too. Being smart and quirky does not rule you out of dating as not everyone wants to be with pretty people. Bucking the trend of stereotypes of what men and women should look like, nerds prove that being authentic goes a long way when it comes to successful relationships. 

Mental Disorders

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Some people say they are attracted to people with mental disorders due to their deep sense of emotion and the connection such disorders can bring. Many people who suffer from mental disorders are also very creative and are deep thinkers that can bring a lot to a relationship beyond their illness.  

Big Noses

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Plastic surgeons earn a ton of money when they alter people’s noses but not everyone is a fan of a small and dainty nose. The nose is one of the most prominent parts of the face and it can add character and uniqueness to a person. A prominent nose makes a statement and is admirable to many men and women looking for love. 

Flat Chested Women

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There is a stereotype that men prefer women with large chests and many women feel that larger breasts are what they need, hence them getting enhancements. However, women with flat chests are admired by men who recognize that a woman is not all about her breasts. This attraction is very empowering to women who have been the subject of leery looks from men for so long. 

Short Thin Men

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Just as women don’t need to worry about stereotypes around breasts, men do not have to adhere to the pressure of having muscles. Short, thin men are just as attractive, if not more attractive to many people so the saying “good things come in small packages” has never been more true. If you are a man who is worrying about how they look and are about to sign-up for an expensive gym, make sure that there isn’t a woman who loves you just the way you are. 

Messy Hair

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Neat hair that looks like you have just stepped out of the salon is not the favored look by all people. Some people understand that hair cannot look perfect all of the time and find messy bed hair attractive. The rugged look shows that people are content with who they are and that they don’t invest too much time perfecting their look which means they have more time to have fun.

Looking Tired

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The tired look is a sign that people live life to the full so the dark circles represent a fun time. This means that the tired look is something that many people find to be a turn-on. Rather than looking perfect all of the time, someone who looks tired shows that they are natural, just like everyone else. 

Being Told What to Do

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When people encounter a bossy person who is always telling people what to do, you would think it was a turn-off but some people find it strangely attractive. The power that some people exert over others is irresistible according to some who like the dominant type.  


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While Lois Lane preferred Clark Kent sans glasses, many women and men love people who wear glasses. The glasses look has nods of being a nerd or sexy secretary and is top of the list for some people on dating apps. It just shows that people embrace differences and the things we got ridiculed for in school are now something people find attractive. 

Hairy Bodies

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Hairy bodies, whether they be beards, hairy legs, or under arm hair, are attractive to many people. The presence of hair on men can be manly and rugged and when women have hair on their legs it is a sign that they are not always willing to conform to norms and embrace being natural. 

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