12 Occupations Women Confess Are Instant Deal Breakers in Potential Partners

By Krystal Brown

Have you ever been on a date that was going well until he confessed what he does for a job? We take a look at 12 careers that are potential deal breakers for women. 


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When a man reveals that he is an influencer it can be a dealbreaker for some women who cannot face the inevitable 24/7 self-promotion. There may be signs that you are on a date with an influencer when he is spending more time on his cell than talking to you and he is asking for freebies at every bar you attend. Some women love the celeb-like lifestyle but others see it as a huge turn-off.


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Many women love a man in uniform and the idea of having a firefighter as a partner is alluring. However, the worry that comes with living with someone who has to put themselves in danger every day is just too much. 

Professional Gamer

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If your date reveals he is a professional gamer you are likely to have warning signs going off in your head as you believe you would play second fiddle to his gaming. While being paid to play games is a dream job for many it can lead to problems in the romance department as a partner competes with the latest release that needs promoting. 

Life Insurance Salesman

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Selling life insurance can be a 24/7 job as people aim to sell the benefits of taking life insurance to everyone they speak to. This can cause a problem when dating as when a man reveals they have insurance, some women fear they will get a lecture on taking out insurance and living the healthiest life possible. 


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A lot of women will get excited when they hear that their date is a chef but others will worry about what level of chef they are. When a chef is highly rated it can mean long hours in the kitchen which means fewer hours with their other half. If, however, they are starting as a chef you may need to eat a whole lot of awful food as they use you as a food tester!

MLM Leader

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If your date reveals that he is involved in a multi-level marketing scheme this could spell danger for your relationship. MLM have to hype up their business and fight the stereotypes of pyramid schemes which means they can sometimes be too passionate about their work which leaves little room for romance. 

Investment Bankers

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Men often think that all women are attracted to money and success, something investment banking can bring. Some women, however, are aware of the time and energy that goes into banking and fear that they may not get to spend the precious time they need with their partner. 


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If you thought investment banking took a lot of time away from relationships, a career in politics can put even more of a strain on couples. Politicians work very long hours and often have to travel which means that time with family can be scarce, especially during election periods. Eyebrows may always be raised when someone says they work in politics as your new beau may not be of the same political persuasion. 


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Being a lawyer is very respectable and it can earn a great deal of money and prestige. However, many women will worry about the amount of time and dedication needed when working on big cases which may be a red flag to a relationship.


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If your man is open about being a member of the paparazzi you may not make it to your second date. While a lot of paparazzi photographers may be empathetic and principled there are so many who would do anything to get the latest celebrity shot at the expense of people who are simply trying to go about their day.

Estate Agents

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Estate agents like to sell, sell, sell so there may always be something in the back of your mind about how genuine your partner will be if they reveal they are an estate agent. If women are worried that some of the tactics used to sell houses will creep into home life then it may be a dealbreaker on a date. 

Debt Collector

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Debt collectors have a job to do just like everyone else but it is inevitably a very tough job when it means being strict with people who are struggling to make ends meet. This means that being a debt collector means being tough and a woman may worry about the lack of empathy that a man may have to do his job well. There is also the worry that their man may get into trouble if a client becomes abusive while he is trying to collect debts. 

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