Ethical DILEMMAS at Work: 10 Professions That Test Your Moral Boundaries

By Krystal Brown

There are some less-spoken-about corners in the world of jobs, and we are here to unwrap some of the most wondering, ethics-questioning occupations. 


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Imagine the power someone has over you if they’re able to sneak into the computer, and find all of your secrets and what you search for in your spare time. It’s pretty scary, right? However, this is the day in the life of a hacker. They sit back on their computer, and they find it exciting and adventurous, despite there being loads of unethical elements which completely breaches people’s privacy. 


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How many times have you witnessed celebrities being captured in an unflattering manner in magazines? Well, that’s the paparazzi for you. They tend to be wonderfully talented at capturing the worst moments in celebrity lives, and they do this by stalking them and invading their personal and private spaces. It wouldn’t be cool if you were trying to enjoy your private time and someone was there with a camera in your face. 

Arms Dealer 

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Imagine selling a lethal weapon to individuals, espeically if they might misuse them. There is no telling who is legit and who isn’t when it comes to purchasing hardcore weapons like these. These weapons can cause harm and take the lives of indiviudals, and these people sell them. 


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We’ve all felt super frustrated and annoyed when we get an unwelcomed call from a telemarketer, and they almost always call when you’re in the middle of something important. However, they are irritating because they don’t stop, even when you tell them to. They are extremely persistent. Whether they are wanting to sell you something or trying to get you to claim for PPI for an accident you didn’t even have. They definitely know how to disrespect your personal time. 


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A lobbyist is someone who tries to persuade politicians to make a decision that benefits a certain company or group rather than others. It is legal to do this job, but it is viewed as unethical due to it influencing decisions that should be made fairly, but aren’t. Take it as someone whispering the answers during a pub quiz. 

Debt Collectors 

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We all panic when we hear an aggressive knock at the door, especially when we see the big guys in black clothing hanging around. It’s embarrassing and quite simply, uncalled for. It’s understandable that some of us get into a debt that we lost control of, or one that we just can’t afford to pay back at the moment, but having an intimidating person knock on our doors demanding the money is a great way of getting our anxiety to fly through the roof. This job definitely doesn’t fit into the ‘nice’ category at all. 


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Believe it or not, but being a spy is an actual job, and they live in a world full of deceit and secrets. When we watch spies in movies, it can seem exciting, but in real life, it only involves sneaking around and lying. To be dishonest in a job isn’t very ethical at all. 

Tobacco Industry Executives 

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Could you imagine working for a company that sells products that are known to aid in harmful elements and painful deaths? It definitely takes a questionable person to offer or want to do this kind of job. Imagine making tons of money off a product that creates awful illnesses. It doesn’t really sound appealing, does it? But someone has to do it, and the ethics behind gaining a profit from people’s ill health is why this job is rubbish. 

Sweatshop Operators 

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Even those in quite high paying jobs will argue that they aren’t being paid enough for the work they do. Well, imagine being an operator of a sweatshop. It’s basically taking advantage of workers by paying them little to nothing but ensuring that they work in really harsh conditions. It’s terrible. The operators know how hard the workers have it, but they turn a blind eye and act like they don’t care. It’s a completely unethical job and in our opinion, everyone deserves safe working conditions and fair pay. 

Patent Trolls 

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Imagine having a job where you literally hoard patents, and it’s not even to create or innovate, but in fact, to sue others. That is literally like grabbing every single swing in the park just to stop other people from playing, it doesn’t make sense and it definitely isn’t fair. 

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