10 Obvious Clues That Scream “Poorly Educated”

By Krystal Brown

Step right up and witness these 10 unmistakable clues that seem to shout out about a serious lack of education!

Using Big Words Without Knowing What They Mean

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You can generally tell that someone is uneducated when they use big words in completely the wrong context. Rather than using words that they know the meaning of they would rather risk looking dumb for getting things mixed up than using a word they know the meaning of. An educated person would use the correct words when they know them or have the ability to find another word if need be. More importantly, an educated person would admit they don’t know what a word means or ask others for help finding the right word.

Never Admitting They Are Wrong

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An educated person is mature enough to own up to their mistakes and admit they were wrong. An uneducated person, however, will not swallow their pride and will insist they are right or make a lot of excuses as to the reasons why a mistake happens. It takes a lot to be open to feedback but there is a lot to learn from not being right all of the time. 

Missing Great Opportunities

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A lot of uneducated people cannot see an opportunity when it stares them in the face which means they miss out on a lot of great things, whether it be in the workplace, travel, or great relationships. At times, missing opportunities is down to fear of the unknown as they are not used to exploring things out of their comfort zone. When you are well educated you can weigh up the pros and cons of doing something that could lead to great things. 

Never Reading Books

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Have you ever cringed in disbelief when you hear people say “I don’t read books” You are not alone. Reading books should not end when you leave school as there is a world of information out there. The internet is great and all but nothing replaces the joy of finding out new things through the magic of books. Visit an educated person’s house and you will find an array of books in every room.

Turning a Debate Into an Argument

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If a person cannot debate without it turning into a full-blown argument it is a sign that they are uneducated. Rather than being clever enough to articulate their opinions in a debate, an uneducated person will result in shouting over people in a bid to get their dubious points across. The importance of a debate, as an educated person knows, is to listen to other people’s perspectives rather than it be about winning.

Confusing Opinions With Facts

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“That’s a fact “ are often the words that you will hear when uneducated people are stating their case. Instead of backing their statements up with real facts, they are simply stating that their opinion is a fact, as is the case when people will insist that their football team is the best or strawberry milkshake is the best flavor. 

Believing All News Is Fake

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A lot of uneducated people are wary of news and deem everything to be fake rather than admitting that it is something that they cannot understand. An educated person would know that there is a lot of fake news out there but that there are also news sources that can be trusted. It is the job of pushers of fake news to manipulate people into spreading information to push their agenda and it is the uneducated people that get pulled in. 

Cannot Take a Joke

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A good joke can go a long way and even educated people know that you cannot take things seriously all of the time. Sometimes, uneducated people are not able to understand when someone is joking, especially if they are being sarcastic. You need to learn to read between the lines when people are joking around and not take everything too seriously.

Unwilling to Learn

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A lot of the time, uneducated people find themselves getting through life with no formal education through no fault of their own. However, at times there is a stubborn unwillingness to learn which seriously hinders their future. Being open to new ways of learning and willing to upskill when you are in a certain job role is something that educated people thrive on and we just wish uneducated people would get on board. 

Getting Absorbed in Social Media

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When we see unusual pots on social media that are designed to draw people in and wind them up, it is common to just scroll past them. Uneducated people, on the other hand, are drawn in by my fake posts and will spend their days getting drawn into a rabbit hole by sharing stories and replying to random comments. A good education will mean that sensible people can ignore all of that nonsense.

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