The Real Royals: Meet the Unsung HEROES, the Royal Nannies

By Krystal Brown

Nannies have been a vital part of the Royal Children’s lives for many decades. Even though the royal parents are more involved in their children’s lives than past generations, a nanny is definitely still needed. The current royal nanny for Prince William and Catherine is Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, and she spends a lot of time with the children to ensure that all rules are followed. 


As a nanny, whether you’re working for the royal family or not, it’s important to continue instilling the discipline that the parents are working hard for. However, there are certain rules that Maria has to follow, including the words that she can and cannot say in front of the royal children. The word ‘kid’ shouldn’t be used as it’s a mark of disrespect. There are no ‘naughty steps’ but a ‘chat sofa’ where the children can air out any issues they might have. Shouting is also off-limits to the children so if they shout at each other then they are dealt with by removal. 

Getting Dirty 

The nanny makes sure that the children go out and about, and this includes getting their hands dirty in the outside world. They enjoy outdoor play and fresh air, including bike rides, playing with the dogs, gardening and getting mucky with their hands. Even if it’s raining, the children still go out, they just put appropriate clothing on. The nanny assists them with this. 

Isolation for Nanny 

Even though working for the royal family sounds like a dream to some, when it hits reality, it can become quite isolating. The nanny is on hand 24/7 for the children, and so this means that there is no time to invite people around for a cuppa, and going out with friends and family is highly limited. Maria also needs to ensure that not a word of what goes on behind the doors of the palace is shared with any of the public. 

Family Time 

Even though William and Kate want the three of their children to have as ‘normal’ of an upbringing as possible, it goes without saying that the nanny is a vital part of their lives and she makes everything achievable for the whole family, especially where royal duties are concerned. There are times when the parents have to go and do their duties, and so the nanny gives relief where it’s needed. The children are always kept safe, secure and content. 

Playing by the Rules 

As a nanny for the royal family, there are rules that need to be stuck to. It’s not all fun and games and it can be difficult, but it’s for the care of the children, and they are the priority. No photographs can be taken of the children and social media accounts must be deleted. Anything on social media can cause an issue and jeopardize the privacy of the children. However, a private social media account is enabled, except sharing anything relating to the day working is forbidden.