12 Surprising Myths About Women That Men Still Believe

By Krystal Brown

Despite being debunked time and time again, there are still many myths that men have about women. These myths can be harmful and perpetuate gender inequality. It is important to challenge these myths and stereotypes, and create a more just and equitable society for everyone.

Women Are Less Interested In STEM Fields

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More and more women are pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In fact, women now make up nearly half of the workforce in some STEM fields, such as biology and chemistry.

Women Should Prioritize Marriage and Family Over Career

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The traditional belief that a woman’s primary goal should be marriage and family is outdated and challenges traditional gender roles. Many women today prioritize their careers and have other individual goals. Assumptions about women’s aspirations should be reevaluated to reflect the diversity of individual goals.

Women Are Too Emotional

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There is a misconception that all women are emotional wrecks and would not be able to hold down a responsible job or a leadership position. Women are just as capable as men when they take a leading role and even if they did wear their heart on their sleeve it would not interfere with their work capabilities. 

Women Are Better at Multitasking

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It is always believed that women are better at multitasking but in reality, studies show that nobody is good at multitasking. Some people are better at switching from one task to another but this is not determined by our sex. Could it be that men want to believe that women are better at multitasking so that they get out of doing jobs why do women do them all?

All Women Want Children

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Not all women want to have children, no matter how many men insist that they do. The belief that all women will suddenly crave to have a brood of children is built around stereotypes that do not always exist. Some women do not feel maternal and do not want children for several reasons so it is important to respect their choices.

Women Are Better at Nurturing

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Just as not all women want to have children, not all women are nurturing. Some women are amazing caregivers and others, just like men, do not find looking after people easy. Women have indeed been socialized into taking on the role of the carer, whether that be at home, in nursing jobs, or teaching, but it is all based on stereotypes that often confine women. 

Women Go to the Bathroom Together to Gossip

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Often women go to the toilet together so that they feel safe in a bar full of men or because they feel anxious around a room full of women. However, there is a myth that they simply have to go to the bathroom together to gossip about people, especially those they are out in a group with.

Women Are Less Intelligent Than Men

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There is an abundance of evidence that men are no more intelligent than women but there is a sexist myth that they are inferior to men. You only have to see the achievements women have made in science, politics, technology, and academia to understand that being intelligent is not down to sex. 

Women Are Better at Chores

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Everybody hates chores, including women. It is a myth that women are better at chores as they pay more attention to detail but this is untrue as there will be some men who are better than women at cleaning and many women who hate chores as much as men. 

Women Love to Be Chased

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The myth that women like to be chased can be traced back to the playground meaning that women have been putting up with this myth for the majority of their lives. In reality, no always means no, and men should not create a fantasy in their heads that they need to chase women until they say yes. 

All Women Love to Shop

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A lot of women indeed love to shop until they drop but there are a whole lot of women who hate shopping just as much as men do. It is also true that some men love shopping, either with their buddies or their partners, so the idea that it is just women who love shopping is a myth. 

Women Dress to Impress Men

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It is a common belief that women dress up to impress men, whether it be to attract a new date or to make the man in their life happy. The truth is that women do not have to dress to impress men and some women simply want to look good for themselves as they see fashion and make-up as a form of expression. 

Women Are Bad Drivers

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Women can often be discriminated against when it comes to car insurance but there is no evidence that they are worse drivers than men. Some men believe in the stereotypes that society places on women as being bad drivers but it is far from the truth. 

Women Are Always in Competition With One Other

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Some people will naturally be competitive with one another but there is a myth that women are very competitive with other women. This myth simply pits women against each other and builds up resentment where there doesn’t need to be any. In reality, women are very supportive of one other and will encourage each other to break down the stereotypes that they have had to face for years. 

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