10 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Rings

By Krystal Brown

If you’ve got the cash to go big on an expensive engagement ring, why not seize the chance? We like to believe we’re only getting engaged and married once, even if Hollywood doesn’t always play by those rules. But hey, that hasn’t held back these celebs from dropping serious cash on their engagement bling.

Blake Lively: $1 Million 

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There aren’t many details about the engagement between Blake and Ryan Reynolds, but it is known that he popped the question back in 2012. He did a great job at selecting a wonderfully expensive ring as well. The ring consists of 12 carats and it features an oval-shaped pink diamond which is set on a rose-gold band with pave details. 

Mariah Carey: $10 Million

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We’re not massively surprised that Mariah Carey spent this much money on her engagement ring. Although she has been engaged more than once, it was her Austrailian billionaire boyfriend James Packer who provided the most expense in 2016. When he proposed he gifted Mariah with a 25 carat emerald cut diamond set in platinum. 

Gabrielle Union: $1 Million

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Dwayne Wade proposed to his girlfriend Gabrielle Union in 2013 with a 8.5 carat, four-pring, cushion-cut ring from Beverly Hills. Dwayne had been on the hunt for months for the perfect ring, and his jeweller made three separate trips to Miami in order to find the right one. 

Beyonce: $5 Million 

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We wouldn’t expect anything less when marrying Beyonce is on the cards. Jay-Z really did put a ring on it, and even though they never announced their engagement, the ring made its first appearance in 2008. The ring weighs 18 carats and is emerald cut with a split shank. This is pretty impressive. 

Jennifer Aniston: $1 Million 

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Even though Jennifer’s married to Justin Theroux only lasted two years, her engagement ring is something that we will never forget. The ring cost Theroux $1 million and it was ten-carats. It was in fact so big that it took Jennifer some time to get used to, and she said, “It’s a rock, I know. He rocked it up. It took me a while to get used to it. I’m not a diamond girl. I’m more Indian jewelry and stuff.” 

Jennifer Lopez: $3 Million-$5 Million

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Even though J-Lo has been engaged a surprising five times, it was her most recent engagement ring that took the cake as being the most expensive. Lopez and Alex Rodriguex had been dating for 2 years before their engagement during a romantic getaway. Alex asked for Jennifer’s hand in marriage and presented a 10-15 carat emerald-cut ring. 

Paris Hilton: $1 Million 

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We couldn’t take our eyes off the stunning engagement ring when Paris tied the knot with Carter Reum in 2021. The ring was designed by Jean Doussat and is worth at least seven figures. According to Money, they said, “Paris’s stunning ring appears to feature a 15 to 20 carat emerald cut diamond, framed by two trapezoid or trillion shaped accent diamonds, and set on a delicate white gold or platinum band.” 

Serena Williams: $2 Million

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When Serena was proposed to by Alexis Ohanian in 2016, he went all out and returned to the place where they first met. Not only that, but he also gave her a $2 million ring which features an emerald-cut diamond with a smaller gem on either side. Ringspo said that it is set to symbolise the past, present and future stages of the relationship. 

Katie Holmes: $1.5 Million 

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Even though Katie and Tom Cruise have since divorced, the engagement ring was one from fairytales. The proposal took place in Paris, on top of the Eiffel Tower and Tom presented Kate with a five-carat Edwardian-cut oval-shaped diamond which was surrounded by an additional six carats worth of diamonds. 

Kim Kardashian: $2 Million

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We would obviously expect nothing less than extravagant when it comes to Kim and Kayne, and the same applies for the engagement. Not only did Kayne get Kim one ring, but he infact gifted her with two. The first ring was upgraded to a 20-carat one with a type 2A rock with a pave band and an emerald-cut diamond taking center stage. However, the piece was stolen when she was robbed in Paris.

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