10 Common Mistakes People Make When They Are Young and Stupid. Did You?

By Krystal Brown

All of us engage in actions during our youth that we later come to regret, and a lot of individuals commit these typical errors that shouldn’t cause us excessive guilt.

Marrying Too Early

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Falling in love when you are young is one of the sweetest experiences but some people get swept away. Marrying too young can often lead to regret when people are older as they realize that they have married the wrong person. We want different thighs when we are older and more mature which often means divorcing a childhood sweetheart.

Not Saving Money

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When you are young, free, single, or young and loved up for that matter, having fun and spending money is high on your list of priorities. When world travel, new sneakers every week, and wild nights out are high on the agenda it leaves little money in the savings account that you will need when you want to settle down. As people meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with and find a dream house they begin to regret not saving up.

Not Saving for Retirement

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Some savvy people will put money to one side to save for a deposit on a house or a family car but even some of those people do not plan too far into the future. If people want to retire early these days they will need a good amount of money saved into a pension or a fruitful savings account, something we don’t necessarily think about when we are living life. 

Not Taking Care of Our Skin

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Taking care of our skin is not something that we think about when we are young and supple but the wrinkles and lines will soon hit. One of the biggest things people do not do when they are young is to wear sunscreen, which can protect our skin from damage. Men and women in their 30s and beyond are crying out to young people to look after their skin with a good regime before it is too late. 

Taking Care of Our Teeth

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As well as neglecting our skin, it is important to look after our teeth as dental pain and decay are one of the worst experiences to go through. Some people cannot justify the high dental costs or simply cannot find any spare cash to get regular check-ups but this is something that they live to regret when they are older. Regular check-ups so you can take action when needed are essential if you want to hold on to that perfect smile. 

Not Traveling Enough

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It comes to the point when there are not enough chances to do something “next year”. If you want to travel the world then you have to start young which means saving up to go to the countries you have always dreamed of exploring. Sometimes you just need to book the ticket as an incentive to save and that way you have to go. While there is no reason for age or children to stop you traveling it is much easier to do it when you are fitter and have fewer commitments. 

Stressing About Careers

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Older people will always tell you that the things that they regret in life have nothing to do with what they did not achieve in their career but what they missed out on doing with family. They value time with their loved ones or doing the hobbies they enjoy and often regret putting so much into their career that they missed out on life itself. 

Not Listening to Advice

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Some young people think they know it all and that they do not need to take advice from their elders. Many of these young people suddenly realize that they should have taken some advice and they would have been no less of a person if they did so. Some older people indeed like to tell young people what to do but at times their advice comes from a place of love. 

Getting Bad Tattoos

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One bit of advice that young people should take is to never get a tattoo while they are drunk! Many people think long and hard about what tattoo they get as they want it to be meaningful and something that they will love forever. Others, however, get a tattoo of the person they fell in love with when they were 18 and subsequently broke up with them 6 months later. 

Not Working Out Enough

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When we are young we can get away with eating more foods that are unhealthy and not working out that often. This is all fine and dandy until we reach 30 and everything starts to go south. Suddenly it only takes a few calories over our recommended fault to put a pound on and our knees ache from the shortest of runs. Keeping fit and healthy when we are young enough to do so will give us the best chances of staying healthy when we are older.

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